Vietnam Foreign Policy Essay

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Foreign Policy

Viet Nam’s Traditional Diplomacy

In the country’s millennia-old history of national construction and defense, Viet Nam’s diplomacy has gradually been cultivated and fostered, combining national identities and mankind’s quintessence to form a distinctive style of diplomacy.

Viet Nam’s traditional diplomacy is rooted in the Vietnamese people’s indomitable spirit for independence and freedom, desire for peace and friendship, fidelity and deep humanism. The national history of undaunted struggles against foreign aggression has offered valuable lessons and induced humanism into Viet Nam’s diplomacy crystallized in the spirit of “confronting barbarity with justice and ...view middle of the document...

Foreign Policy

Since reunification in 1975 and particularly since Doi Moi in late 1980s, Viet Nam’s diplomacy has focused on maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, creating favorable international condition for Doi Moi, national industrialization and modernization, contributing to national construction and defense.

Based on the strength of creative combination and application of Viet Nam’s traditional diplomacy and Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts on diplomacy, Viet Nam pursues a foreign policy guideline of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development and a foreign policy characterized by openness, diversification and multi-lateralization of international relations, pro-active integration into the world in the spirit of being a friend, a reliable partner and a responsible member of the international community in an endeavor for a powerful and wealthy socialist Viet Nam, thus contributing to peace, national independence, democracy and social progress the world over.

Viet Nam also entertains the wish for equal and mutually beneficial friendly relations and cooperation with all countries, territories and international organizations on the basis of respecting each other’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and the tenet of principles enshrined in the UN Charter and international laws. Furthermore, Viet Nam is willing to engage in dialogue with its partners on existing differences and advocates settlement of disputes through peaceful negotiation.

To that end, in its external activities, Viet Nam promotes state-to-state relations between itself and partners, party-to-party relations of the Communist Party of Viet Nam and people-to-people relations to improve understanding, friendship and cooperation between the Vietnamese people and other peoples the world over.

Viet Nam’s international relations have been expanded more than ever before. At present, Viet Nam has established diplomatic relations with 178 countries and economic, trade and investment ties with 224 countries and territories. Viet Nam is a member of the UN, ASEAN, ASEM, APEC, the WTO, the Francophone, the Non-Allied Movement and other regional and international organizations.

To strengthen relations with neighbors and regional countries and move toward an ASEAN Community by 2015

Viet Nam always attaches importance to developing fine relations with neighboring and regional countries. On the strength of historical solidarity with Laos and Cambodia in the struggle for national liberation, Viet Nam is striving to strengthen the traditional friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation with the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and to further develop good-neighboring and traditionally friendly bilateral relations, comprehensive and durable cooperation with Cambodia. Along with strengthened political ties, Viet Nam’s relations with Laos and Cambodia relations have seen new development in all areas, notably economic...

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