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View Of The World From Different Ages

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View of the World From Different Ages

In the story of the Bear the young boy was not allowed to join the hunt until he was ten years old. He was taught all the stories and heard all the legends of the great bear with the crooked print his entire childhood and he knew all about the great bear everyone always was talking about. As people grow older they are maturing in ways to prepare them for life and all of the hardest tasks that will be put in front of them. This boy was told many stories of the bear, some of them had extreme exaggeration, and others didn’t. All the stories he heard were to help him when his time came to face the bear.

When the boy had his first chance to go out on a ...view middle of the document...

”(791) These kinds of things are what he was constantly being told and not that he felt the presence of the bear he realized that they were all true.

When the boy had been out hunting for the bear long enough that he got frustrated from not seeing it he became upset and had to ask for help in finding the bear. Old Sam Fathers explained to him that the bear was very smart and it knew when it could be seen by the way he could tell if he was in danger. Old Sam Fathers told him “It’s the gun.”(793) He had to leave the gun behind because the bear was always watching him and it knew if it was in danger and as long as the boy had a gun it was in danger. The boy, even though he was scared, left his gun behind and went into the woods with a compass, a watch, and a stick. The boy had been walking a long time and it took him a long while but he finally realized he still wasn’t going to see it so he put down the 3 items he had and went on looking. Finally he sat down and looked at the compass and stick and watch shining, then he saw a footprint and even as he watched it was filling with water. “Then he saw the bear. It did not emerge, appear; it was just there, immobile, solid, fixed in the hot dappling of the green and windless noon, not as big as he had dreamed it, but as big as he had expected it, bigger, dimensionless against the dappled...

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