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Violence In America Essay

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Violence in America
Zuhaylee Marroquin
Bronx Community College
English 11 Fall 2015
Professor Mukherjee

For centuries now, racism was one of the main reason of violence in America. According to the documentary “Violence in America”, violent acts repeats itself constantly. This is known as the “cycle of violence” which means to repeat any dangerous acts due to retribution or revenge. White Americans looks at colored people as less than humans because whites do not accept blacks as intellectually equal. Does racism impact the violence in America? Racism is the key issue that has taken over America impacting violence in many ways.
Going back in history, white Americans had formed ...view middle of the document...

These African Americans had no rights and had to work or be beaten, raped, shot or killed by the white people. This was until Abraham Lincoln had made the Emancipation Proclamation, this declared that Africans Americans was free.
According to “Mass, Media, and Racism” author Stephen Balkaran stated that media has continues to play a big role in the way white Americans identify African-Americans. Media have separated the working class and stereotyped young African-American as gangsters or drug dealers. As a result of such action, the media have crumpled youths' prospects for future employment and advancement. The media have focused on the negative aspects of the black community while continuing the progression of poverty that the elite wants. Based on further readings, in 1991 the defense put on by the four white Los Angeles police officers indicted of beating Rodney King is significant. The four officers claimed that they were terrified and felt they might have been attacked or injured by King himself. This has become a legitimate plea in the white society. Their "fear" is an expression of a deep-rooted media prejudice that everything black is bad. This media stereotype of bad guys wearing black or that anything that is black is evil has been fostered for decades, the fact that the bad guy always wore the black in Westerns, and the movie The Birth of a Nation.
This media bias has also been demonstrated in the Susan Smith case. Smith was the South Carolina woman who made headlines when she claimed that a black male kidnapped her two young children. It turned out that Smith herself had killed them. However, the finger-pointing that...

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