Violence In The Media Essay

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Many classmates lie on the floor, dead. Their innocent, hopeful lives were taken, like so many others in the countless school shootings that have occurred. Flared by uncontrollable violent emotions and encouraged by violent media, the violent killers have struck, taking many lives. Now, everyone will pay. In the Columbine shooting, the dangerous effects of the tons of violent media plastered everywhere is evident. The two horrible killers played countless hours of violent video games, leading them to the dreadful plotting of their extremely devastating shooting. When shooting occurred, it was clear from the guns they used to the strategies of killing they used where they obtained their ...view middle of the document...

Due to the increasing desire to become known, copy- cat crimes have increased dramatically. Many media consumers believe that if a star is shoved into the spotlight for abusing their families or committing murder, then that's what they must do to become a famous icon too. This common belief is what leads the average celebrity want- to- be into acting out violently, despite the morals that they're been taught. Through evidence provided, one can confidently conclude that the desire to be known will drive one to imitate their violent idols too by acting out violently.

Violence in the media also creates a false reality and a false confidence in weapon handling, encouraging media consumers to commit violent acts. In "Violence on TV: The Desensitizing of America" it is shocking to discover that a staggering 73% of criminals go unpunished in crimes on TV (Szaflik). Considering the fact that Americans watch an average of four hours of television a day, television has a huge impact in the way our country thinks and acts. Since so many criminals do go unpunished in TV crimes, it is very easy for people to create a wall of ignorance between themselves and the real consequences true crimes bring. For example, instead of being thrown in jail, many will expect to get away smoothly just because that's how the media portrays criminals. This false sense of consequences encourages media consumers to commit violent acts because they truly believe that the punishment and consequences are nonexistent. Ed Donnerstein of UCSB also contributes to the idea of a false reality by stating, "When you show a young kid somebody being run over and they pop back up without harm, that's a problem" (Szaflik). This quote also shows how damaging the false reality created by media can be- this time in relation to kids. Violence on television can be the most harmful to youth because they are the most vulnerable and have the least amount of knowledge of the real world. This lack of sense in the real world makes them very gullible and puts them in a position to tend to believe everything displayed on the media... Including the false realities of the many acts of violence that pop up everywhere. When these children see this falseness in reality on television, like a person being uninjured by a car collision, they are led to believe that violent acts do cause little or no harm. This common, but false, interpretation is what directs kids into committing violent acts. Also, interestingly enough, the killers at Columbine always played violent video games (Olson). Since violent video games capture our surroundings in such a realistic quality, it is very easy for the "gun men" playing these games to feel as if they are really there on the battlefield. The realistic situations and rewards given to player when they kill a certain amount of men unfortunately allows players to develop a confidence in their gun handling skills. With this newfound, undeserved confidence, shooters are pressured...

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