Violence In The Workplace Essay

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Violence in the Workplace
HCA 250
November 24, 2012

Violence in the workplace has become so bad throughout each state and in the world today. Workplace violence has not only cost American employers in dollars but also in cents. The violence has been taking its toll on the employees day to day. There are beyond numerous numbers of nonfatal acts of violence in the workplace. Who would have thought that waking up in the morning and going to work would be so bad and targeted by violence, discrimination and even some retaliation at work? This has become so sad and disturbing. Now-a-days, children cannot even go to school without being bullied or harassed.
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With the increase in violence in the workplaces; it has been said that violence in the workplace has been known for one of the reasons for nurse resignation.
There are several types of bullying whether it is in the workplace, at home or in school. There is a type of bullying that has been taking place a lot over the past few years known as cyber-bullying which has led to some suicides of young teenagers. Workplace bullying is usually seen as an act or a verbal comment resulted in “mentally” hurting or making a person feel isolated within the workplace (Privitera, & Campbell, 2009). In some cases negative physical contact can also be a result of bullying. However, in most cases bullying involves repeated incidents or behavior that is basically intended to hurt, offend, humiliate and even intimidate a person or even a group of people. Some examples of bullying within the form of aggression can be both obvious and subtle. Some examples may include but are not limited to: spreading malicious rumors or gossip that isn’t true, undermining a person’s work, physically abusing or threatening a person, and intruding on a person’s privacy by spying or stalking (Privitera, & Campbell, 2009). Those are only a few examples of bullying that can happen within a workplace. Some other examples that can also happen in a workplace are: assigning unreasonable duties or workload on one person only because that person is not popular or favorable at work or there is another example which is similar to that one but there is one where the person has less work and starts to feel useless in the situation. Unfortunately, there are times when it is hard to know bullying is happening at the workplace. Some people take feedback as some type of bullying, however, feedback are intended to help assist the employees with their work and not there to hurt someone.
As we know that violence and bullying within a workplace can turn hostile and have an impact on a person severely. There are some strategies that can maybe help implement to manage the impact of violence in the workplace. In most healthcare facilities they have a violence prevention program which is there to go over some job safety, security and even to go over the goals of the workplace. One of the goals would include some objective to prevent workplace violence and to be able to adapt to a specific situation in each establishment. In most of these programs they create a policy which states that there is zero tolerance for workplace violence, whether it is verbal or nonverbal threats. Each and every staff member...

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