Violent Consequences Of Television Essay

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Violent Consequences of Television

One of the most compelling problems I have found is that there is too much violence shown in television shows. As a father it is my responsibility to censor and educate my children on the positive and negative aspects of watching certain television shows. I believe the censorship must take place at an early age in life in order to create a firm foundation for them to grow. In my opinion, too much violence on television can influence children to grow up and to commit crimes. This is a subject now in debate between the television industry, the government and the television viewing public. There have been several highly publicized studies published to look ...view middle of the document...

The way they imitate characters like Mr. Fudd from Bugs Bunny, and Cow and Chicken make me want to turn the television off, but I also have to remind myself that all I really need to do is get them to realize that it is only make believe.
Television can be a powerful influence in developing value systems and behavior in children. K. French wrote in his book, "Screen Violence", that there is no proof that violence in television promotes or carries over into the future of our children. Many people watch violent TV without becoming 'criminals'. French compares watching violence in television to fact that not all smokers get lung cancer. He contends that television is based on ratings. The media gives the audience what they want. Violence in television has no direct impact on the how much violence children watch. As a father, I disagree with his assessment that violence in television has not impact on the behavior or value systems of children. Having first hand evidence of trying to raise three children while keeping a well-balanced environment that supports education not only through school but television, I have seen the effects of violence not only on children but also adults.
In order to determine the effects of TV violence, one needs to look at the research that has been done. Though it may be difficult to offer definitive answers, in the last three years alone, there have been some widely publicized studies on the effects of violence on television, each looking at a different aspect. One of the studies was conducted by four universities and financed by the cable industry. It found that of nearly 2,700 shows analyzed in a 20-week survey of 23 channels, 57% were said to contain at least some violence (Zoglin, "Chips" 58). However, the names of the channels were not mentioned and it should be pointed out that many cable systems now have over 100 channels. There are too many channels to choose from. I do believe that we should have a wide variety of television stations to choose from, but I do know that more is not always good. The more opportunities you have for children to be exposed to violence, the higher the tendency for violence to be carried over into adolescence and or adulthood. The FCC should put a stop to the madness that is going on.
Also, extensive research was conducted by Stanford University and the University of Wisconsin that clearly demonstrated that both children and adults exposed to violence in movies and television rarely become less aggressive; rather, the evidence is fairly strong that they show greater tendencies to be aggressive after watching violent shows (Madeline Levine, PH.D.). Extensive viewing of television violence by children causes greater aggressiveness. Sometimes, watching a single violent program can increase aggressiveness. Children who view very realistic...

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