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Violent Crimes Essay

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In the beginning of “kids are kids-until they commit crimes” by Marjie Lundstron she explains a situation that makes perfect sense about a 12 year old, who was convicted of a heinous crime. At the age of 14 Lionel Tate savagely beat a 6year-old girl to death. He then begins to talk about how he was tried. Obviously he was tried as an adult of a first-degree murder. He, Tat, was supposedly imitating his world wrestling Federation heroes, or as so his lawyer tried to convince the jury, when he literally beat a 6-year-old girl. Need I remind people that a 6-year-old girl is about three or four times less the size of a 14 year old? The big question throughout this whole essay is should ...view middle of the document...

First we just send people to prison and jail nonetheless, just because. Then as we learn more about their case we finally decide that the “guilty” man is actually innocent. We let them go, empty handed, out on the streets possibly in a unknown town trying to find their way back home. Our court and government wastes tax payers money just to keep these innocent, but “guilty” to the government, people in jail. Why does this happen? I believe that we need to have a different system. A system that consists of lighter sentences to teenagers and different mental/jail/prison type buildings where criminals can be more evaluated. I think that spiltting up individuals that commited crimes is a smarter idea. Lighter sentencing should only occur if you or the supervisor thinks that possibly in the long run that the teen will show improvement in their life and treatment. A ward should be taken in to consideration, to build, so that teens can be treated and possibly helped so that they can fully and completely learn right from wrong. They should learn how and why they are being punished and learn from their mistakes. They could stay in this ward for months or even years, as long as they are treated fully and get the help that they need to be a better person and get out of the ward as healthy and helped as possible. If the professionals see that no help is going to work for the criminal teen then they can just be difficult and stay there or go to prison, depending on how difficult they are or depending on how insane/twisted they might be. They should have a second chance at life. Yes I can understand killing someone and yes I can understand raping a girl is disgusting and heinous, but if you can seriously say that if this was your child, would you not want them to get help and be a better person in...

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