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Violent Video Games Relation To Violent Behavior

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Literature review
With all these violence that had been going on within 2011 and 2012, the media question the safety of children playing violence game. Can the shooting that occurred at Sandy Hook and Columbine be a link to violence video game? An article from, Sasha Emmons, 2013, discuss about the December’s horrific massacre in Newtown questions about guns in media and their connection to real-life violence. They brought up the topic about the killer of Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza play the violence game Call of Duty. They question how much should parents focus on their child concerning on their child aggressive copycat behavior (Emmons, 2013). Parents all over the world are ...view middle of the document...

While playing video games those children can be a coping mechanism that already experiencing depression or anxiety. They believe that more studies should be conducted on children, with risk factors like mental illness or violence in the home (Emmons, 2013). So, in this article the media and parents are arguing about pro, con and who to blame. Majority of them blame the parent for not being alert of what type of rating on the violence game.
The media play a big role in today society. They could make certain topic in society to become more than it expected. People would not have thought that video game was a link to some of the recent shooting until CNN, Dailysnews, CBS, PBS and other news report made this topic headline. In the CNN report by Ferguson, Christopher J, 2013, they swirl around the potential inviolvement of violent video games in Adam Lanza’s rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2011. They base on an official investigation stated that Lanza was an enthusiastic player of violent games, based on their finding (Ferguson, 2013). Same statement was introduced by CBS News, when they citing unnamed law enforcement sources stated that Lanza was motivated in part by violent video games as the Norway shooter Anders Breivik. They based on the investigating Connecticut police speculation after they searched Lanza’s home. They found thousands of dollars’ worth of violent video games, and believed that Lanza’s mom let him play games while she traveled (Ferguson, 2013). After all, the reporter did mention that just because ciolent video games have been a part of Lanza’s life, they cannot jump to conclusions. They mention that there is no evidence linking violent games to the mass shootings. They are interested to see how quickly people like to latch onto this topic of violence and video game (Ferguson, 2013).
So, this outburst of concern brought attention to child developer, allowing them to conducted studies of a link to violence games and children. Psychology at Ohio State University, Brad Bushman, Ph.D., 2012, mentions three reasons that violent video games might be even more harmful than violent TV programs and movies. The first of those three is that video game play is active compare to watching TV is passive. He gave an example of learning how to fly an airplane. That the best method to learn is not to read or watch TV, but to use a video game flight simulator; people learn better when they are actively involved. Secondly, players are more likely to identify with a violent character. Some games required you to play as a first person shooter, player have the same visual perspective as the killer (Call of Duty). Third person player controls the actions of the violent character from a distant visual perspective (Grand Theft Auto). In violent TV program, the children might not identify with a violent character. People are more likely to behave aggressively themselves when they identify with a violent character (Bushman,...

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