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A company’s product or service image often immerses itself within the population that receives the product’s branding via advertising tactics carefully orchestrated by the company. These brands attach to a feeling of trust, respect, and loyalty from its consumers. Airlines compete for loyal passengers more now than ever before. Some airlines try to attract travelers with low fares, while others maintain higher prices with the lure of providing a more enjoyable customer experience i.e., comfort and luxury. This paper serves to highlight the advertising tactics that British Virgin Atlantic Airlines uses ...view middle of the document...

Sir Richard Branson Biography

Sir Richard Branson was born on July 18th, 1950, in Surrey England. His learning skills were not very good and he dropped from school at age of 16. After dropping his school he decided to start his first business, which was a magazine for younger people called Student. It was a great success. A few years after he decided to fund his own magazine by opening his second business, a mail order record company in London. The order record company became very successful and opened the doors for Sir Richard Branson to a recording studio called Virgin Records in 1972. The first artist that signed a contract with Virgin Records was Mike Oldfield. After him, several well-known artists, such as Rolling Stones, signed a contact and Virgin Records became the sixth most successive record studio in the world. After the achievement in a world of music, Sir Richard Branson funded his most successful company, Virgin Atlantic, which is, after 30 years, still continuously growing, improving and satisfying their customers.
Brand Name and Image

Brand name is a word, name, or symbol that is legally registered and used as a trademark after which a company is recognizable (Dictionary, 2014). Brand names can be either good or bad; it all depends on the words or images used to promote a product or service. Strong and powerful words or images represent trust and confidence, while not wisely chosen brand names can symbolize bad quality, poor service, and distrust. Additionally, a brand name can be easily tarnished if another entity attaches negatively perceived words or images with a previously trusted product.
Even with not knowing Virgin Atlantic’s level of service and quality, the brand name itself emphasizes a positive and strong meaning. The word “virgin” was initially used by Richard Branson and his friend when they started their first recording studio named Virgin Records. They chose the name based on them being new in the business, being “virgins” in a business world. Since they become very successful, a lot of companies started to use the word “virgin” in their brand names, and now over 400 companies around the world are using it. Virgin, nowadays, represents a very trusting and confident feeling with strong positive emotions because of the original meaning. The word virgin also represents purity in a more general sense. Virgin Atlantic has leveraged this aspect of its name by emphasizing its service and charity to the community. A further explanation of Virgin Atlantic’s charitable contributions to society is explained in the next section.
Virgin Atlantic is definitely well known by its red color that they use throughout their service. For example, their flight attendants have to wear red uniforms with red high heels and red lipstick. The color red has a very strong emotional meaning and represents passion; in Virgin Atlantic this, is associated with their employees’ passion for their work. Virgin Atlantic chose to...

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