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Virtualization Essay

2024 words - 9 pages

Please Note:

This course is no longer being offered

The following is the announcement for the last course offering (Fall 2006)

Engineering 477 -- Course Announcement for Fall Term 2006
Principles of Virtual Reality
Eng 477 - NA 477


Note for Fall Term 2006:
The class will meet for the first time on Tuesday, September 5 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in #1504 GGBL.
No Laboratory Sessions on September 7 and September 8 !
Laboratory Sessions will start on September 14 and 15.
(See First Week of Classes)

Note: This is only the course announcement. The comprehensive Course Web Site is password-protected and will be made available to enrolled students at the ...view middle of the document...

Introduction - Enabling Technologies of VR - Definition and Characteristics of VR - Applications - Human Factors and Human Perception - Computer Graphics Principles for VR - Geometric Modeling Principles for VR - Modeling of Virtual Environments - Existing Tools - Special Topics
Laboratory Sessions:
Basics and Introduction - VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language on the WWW) - 3D Studio Max (Geometric Modeling) - VRML Scripting - Other Packages and Tools - Preparing Models for CAVE Applications - Group Project Support
Group Projects:
A major part of this course are the interdisciplinary group projects. Lectures and lab sessions will prepare the class for the development of VR applications in any area. Groups of 3 to 5 students will select a topic of their choice and submit a project proposal for evaluation and approval by the teaching staff. The group will then develop a complete VR application, document the project on the World Wide Web, and demonstrate the application to the class. The best projects may be used in future demonstrations and other events at the 3D Lab and Duderstadt Center.
The project topics are determined by the creativity and imagination of the students. Check the summary of Group Projects and see examples from the Eng477 - Fall 2005 class.
Faculty Advisors:
Faculty from all schools and colleges are invited to become involved in this course as advisors for the group projects. Groups may link up with a faculty of their choice. The advisor may suggest topics and is expected to assist in proposal development, to provide discipline specific expertise, and to guide the group in the creation of a convincing VR application. For more information seedetails on Faculty Advisors.
Assignments, Exam, and Grading:
The final course grade will be based on four or five home work assignments, the student's contribution to a group project, and a final written exam. The group project, as a major part of this course, will contribute 50% to the final grade.
Course Material:
All course material will be provided on a special, password-protected Web site including lecture notes, laboratory notes, useful WWW links, recommended references, time schedule, student roster, faculty advisors, guidelines for group projects, and more. Selected references are available on this public reference page

Course Organization
Course (Subject & Catalog No): | Eng 477 (ENGR 477)
NA 477 (NAVARCH 477) |
Type: | Lectures and Laboratory Sessions:

To register, you must elect one of the three lab sessions (Section 2, 3, or 4) as Primary Section and the lecture (Section 1) as Secondary Section. (You are auto-enrolled in the lecture when electing a lab.) |
Credit Hours: | 4 |
Class Numbers for Fall 2006: | | Eng 477 | NA 477 |
Section 1 - Lecture | 10842 | 11026 |
Section 2 - Laboratory | 10843 | 11027 |
Section 3 - Laboratory | 10844 | 11028 |
Section 4 - Laboratory
Note: Section 4 has been closed | 10845 | 11029 |

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