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Visions And Dreams In James Welch’s Fools Crow

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Visions and Dreams in James Welch’s Fools Crow

In the novel Fools Crow, by James Welch, several characters have visions and dreams. The dreams are so realistic that they are a vision of what's to come in the future. A lot of the visions and dreams become a message or some type of warning to the people so that they are aware of thing that are going to happen. Many of these dreams that the characters have affect them positively or in a disastrous way leading to misfortune.

The first dream is a dream that White-Man's Dog known as "Fools Crow," has while he is on the first raid against the Crows. He dreamt of a lodge within an enemy camp containing young naked girls. As one of the girls ...view middle of the document...

He told Mik-api in his dream that he knew of White Man's Dog and the strength he pertained. "It will take such a man to release our four-legged brother" (52). Mik-api told White Man's Dog of this dream and he agreed to find the wolverine and set him free. On his journey to find the creature, he came across the raven. The raven led him to the wolverine and White Man's Dog was afraid the wolverine would bite him. The wolverine had been trapped four days and was so frail that he could not even cry out for help. White Man's Dog released the creature and the raven told him of what to dream about. "Dream of all that has happened here today. Of all the two-leggeds, you alone posess the magic of Skunk Bear. You will fear nothing, and you will have many horses and wives" (58). Because of this dream and the task that followed, White Man's Dog gained no fear and magic.

Another dream that leads to the future is a dream that White Man's Dog and Kills-close-to-the-lake both have. In the dream that White Man's Dog undergoes, he runs into the wolverine again. The wolverine had got himself stuck again and White Man's Dog had to release him once again. The wolverine thanked him this time by giving him a slender white stone and told him to carry it with him into battle and sing his song. After the wolverine disappeared, White Man's Dog noticed that there was someone...

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