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Visual AnalysisThis picture is of a road that has been marked in such a way that it leads to a wall instead of it proceeding as required. The picture was retrieved from ads of the world site. It depicts an inconsistent line on the road as is common with drunk drivers who cannot control their vehicles on the road. All advertisements are fundamentally created in order to persuade the targeted audience. They are intended to encourage people to buy ideas, enlist for certain services, or to support a cause or organization (O'Keefe, 2002). The media that is used to pass this message should match the character of the clients and the message should have consistency. Just as the advertiser might want ...view middle of the document...

Losing a friend or a family member in a car accident while drunk can make one appreciate the importance of understanding alcohol and what it can do. Reduction in the amount of alcohol one is allowed to drink will allow people to drive safely and know safer ways of using alcohol like hiring a designated driver while drunk. When a person is under the influence of alcohol they have very little control of their cars and are prone to accidents which are a threat to their lives.EthosThis is the appeal to an actor's character or authority e.g. the use of local celebrities in advertising. Ethos gives character and personality to the information being passed making it possible for the targeted audience to relate to, trust or give authority to the figure that is represented. Ethos can be used differently in different media. Visual media enjoys the benefit of using images like that of a hero in sports while audio and text media depend on tone, style and recognition of names to convey ethos.Would it be better for a person to be brought home by a taxi drunk at night rather than find him or her arrested for drunk driving or hospitalized due to an accident? Many people do not realize that by outlawing drunk driving and forbidding it, they are encouraging people to break the law since they want to experience the "mysterious" feeling of driving while drunk. This can make people to turn to desperate and most often illegal measures to attain this feeling. This in turn leads to an increase in accidents amongst motorists and other road users. If the drinking limit was increased then many motorists, especially young people would not be interested in drinking and would be less likely to be involved in accidents as a result of drunk driving. Many people will therefore...

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