Visual Design And Memorabilia Essay

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Taylor Dukes

Personal Memory and The Importance of Visual Imagery

When remembering past events, context clues are usually present and are the tour guides through which memories can be recaptured. According to These context clues can come in the form of a variety of different properties, such as vision, hearing, smell, taste, emotion, narrative and language (Rubin 79). These components are what help individuals recollect on personal events that have shaped and molded their lives. While each and every property plays a key role in remembering the past, visual imagery stands out among the rest and is therefore noted as a very reliant context clue when it comes to ...view middle of the document...

This is because the imagery that is allocating the recollection is based around an original experience (Thompson 7). These pictures, which are visual, can end up becoming multimodal by imagining the event it depicts and the emotions that were felt that day, along with the noise that accompanied the event.
Visual imagery can bring back recollections of the past more easily. There are five main components to visual imagery that helps achieve the overall goal of retrieving information from long-term memory and putting it toward working memory. These three dimensions are vividness, clarity of the image, and quantity of different images inspired (Rugg 1098). The more in-depth these dimensions are, the easier to generate mental images, which are ultimately linked to one’s past.
The readily available visual imagery that contributes to the easy recollection of past events makes vision a common component in the remembering process. When personal aspects of one’s life can be seen through photographs, pictures, or even abstract objects, a memory related can usually be traced back to and relived.

Works Cited
Burns, Alvin C., Laurie A. Babin, and Abhijit Biswas. “The Operation of Visual Imagery as a Mediator of Advertising Effects.” Journal of Advertising, Vol. 22, No. 2, (1993): 71-85.
This article argues how visual imagery above all other senses should be put into use when designing advertisements because it shapes consumer’s impressions. Visual imagery is the best medium in which to recall events and experience an impact. This source will contribute to my project not in the advertising portion, but with all its information about the vividness of visuals affecting individuals the greatest. This article is highly credible. Not only was it found through JSTOR, but also the authors work in the...

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