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Visual Perception Essay

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Visual Perception

Any one given experience an organism perceives must incorporate several sensory systems, that involves numerous number of organs , that further more are comprised of millions upon millions of firing cells. Perception is not a direct mirroring of stimulus, but a complex chaotic patterns dependent on the simultaneously activity of neurons. This essay deals primarily with neurons from the optical sensory system. The outer ridge of the brain, known as the cerebral cortex begins the analysis of sensory messages. (1) Nevertheless, visual perception is possibly more widespread than one area of the cerebral cortex and like ly over various subcortical structures and number of ...view middle of the document...

However, there are many gaps within the course, which cannot possibly fully formulate the sense of perception. Not only are there missing intermediatary, but there is outside activity happening simultaneously along this path. As discussed in lecture, the retina sends (5 to 10) different information activities to different parts of the brain. Neural data may be taken to the midbrain instead to the dicephalo n. The dicephalon consists the lateral geniculate, which consists the visual occipital cortex. The complex midbrain is made up of other complex parts such as the superior collicus and the optic tectrum. The optic tectrum is then made up of more complex in tricate parts, such as the protectal nucleus and the basal optic nerve. Once again, the organization and specificity of complex within complex come into play. As seen here there are parallel simultaneous paths that are activated or inactivated due to spec ific retina information.
Neurologists, Sheinberg and Logothetis studied macaque monkey responses to different visual imputs. (3) They tested the difference between one image fixed on one eye and one image fixed on one eye accompanie d with a flash of a second image on the other eye. Tests show that former test did not always evoke effective stimulus, while the latter test yields 90% effective stimulus. Activity is taken from superior temporal sulcus (STS) and the inferior temporal co rtex (IT). (Please refer to Figure 1.) This test provides prevalent information on patterns of retinal neurons as well as perception. The unfamiliar sunburst pattern shows no neural response, while the same test done with a familiar monkey portrait yields neuron activity. Why does the macaque monkey perceive the monkey picture, but not the sunburst pattern? It may be due to the idea that the monkey instantly recognize the monkey face and not familiar with the pattern. Maybe the macaque monkey has a point of reference, a persistent memory, which causes it to instantaneously recall the image. Or rather the parts of the brain tested, (STS)&(IT), are not the sites where sunburst type patterns are perceived. The "Flash Suppression" tests support this analysis because when the sunburst pattern is flashed during the fixed monkey image the neural effective stimulus decreases greatly. While in contrast, when the monkey picture is flashed before the fixed sunburst pattern, the neural activity is activated. When tes ted with sunburst pattern, all neural activities are suppressed and ineffective. (3)

The property of selective data for specific pathways is prevalent in all many cells, organs and systems. Also, these cells, organs or systems work p arallel to other cells, organs or systems. Milner and Perrit (1991) did a study of two parallel active systems. (3) The patient studied has diffuse brain damage. She visualizes color and texture but cannot comprehend form and orientation. Although she claims consciously that she cannot report the latter two, she can catch a...

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