Vital Signs Experiment Essay

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Record of Vital Signs before & after Exercise

Plan &Aim
Topics Under Investigation
The Experiment
Analysis & Evaluation

Plan & Aim

The plan and aim of this project is to select a group of six people and record their blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration whilst at rest. When they return from a brisk walk I will then record the same observations and analyse, evaluate the results. With this information I will then draw my conclusions and make recommendations.

Topics under Investigation

The effects of exercise and the change in the vital signs:

Aerobic exercise gets the heart working to pump blood through the heart more quickly and with ...view middle of the document...

Steps in taking blood pressure (B/P):

a. Explain the procedure to the subject.

b. With the arm extended and supported apply the deflated B/P cuff snugly with the arrow pointed toward the brachial artery.

c. Position the dial so that it is in a straight line of vision for accurate reading.

d. Feel the brachial artery by pressing your fingers on the inner elbow joint.

e. Place the diaphragm of the stethoscope with a minimum of pressure over the brachial artery at the bend of the elbow.

f. Close air valve on bulb and inflate cuff until the dial registers at approximately 180.

g. Open air valve slowly enough to be able to read the dial accurately at the place where you hear the first sound.

h. Note position of the hand on the dial when you hear the first regular thumping sound. Consider this the systolic reading.

i. Take the diastolic reading when you hear the last full regular thumping sound.

j. Deflate the cuff as quickly as possible and remove it. Do not leave the cuff inflated for more than 1 or 2 minutes at a time.

k. Record readings immediately.

The pulse:

Equipment needed: Clock/watch with a second hand.

The pulse is the expansion and contraction of an artery with the heartbeat. It must be felt by first and second fingers; never use thumb (one¡¯s own pulse will be felt in thumb.) The purpose of checking the pulse is to obtain information on the body¡¯s physical condition, to aid in diagnosis and treatment, and to facilitate appropriate care. The Rate per minute - for adults, normal is usually 60-80 a minute and areas where the pulse can be felt are: Radial pulse: wrist (thumb side), Temporal pulse: temples, Carotid pulse: side of the neck, Femoral pulse: groin area, Dorsal pulse: ankle area & the Apical pulse: apex of the heart. For this experiment we will concentrate on using the Radial pulse.

Radial Pulse:

a. Have the consumer assume a sitting position. Ensure arm is free of any constrictions, bend his elbow 90 degrees and support his lower arm on the chair or on the examiner's arm. Extend wrist with palm down.

b. Place the first two or three fingers of your hand along the radial artery and lightly compress against the radius.

c. When the pulse can be felt regularly, use the watch's second hand and begin to count the rate.

d. Count for 60 seconds.

e. Record results immediately.

The temperature:

Equipment needed: e.g. Single Use Disposable Thermometer.

Temperature is taken to check and record the amount of heat in the body. The purpose is to obtain information on the body¡¯s physical condition, to aid in diagnosis and treatment, and to facilitate appropriate care. Record the reading immediately. For this experiment we will use a disposable thermometer.

Steps in taking temperature using a disposable thermometer:

a. Place thermometer under consumer's tongue and instruct consumer to keep lips closed.

b. Leave thermometer in...

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