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VLAN Implementation
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VLAN Implementation
VLAN stands for Virtual Local Area Network is one of the latest network technologies that have been developed in the past few years. VLAN s has started to gain recognition only recently. Local Area Network technologies are growing at a extremely fast rate and also the cost of the equipment required for implementing a secure network, has also become very expensive. The ...view middle of the document...

The first criteria for VLAN are the requirement of special hardware which is built in the switch. In other words, the switch must support VLAN.
Each VLAN created in a switch is a separate network. In other words, a separate broadcast domain is created for each VLAN. Assigning each port of every switch to a VLAN usually creates VLANs. Depending on the network infrastructure and security policies, the assignment of VLANs can be implemented using two different methods: Static or Dynamic memberships.
Static VLANs – Network Administrator statically configures the VLAN port assignment. VLAN memberships on the switch ports are assigned on a port-by-port basis.
Dynamic VLANs – A VLAN management policy server automatically assigns VLAN ports. The MAC address of the node is used to determine the VLAN assignment.
There are a few steps involved in the configuration of VLAN.
1. Grouping Ports into VLANs
2. Inter routing between VLANs
3. Subnet And VLANs configuration
4. Virtual Trunk Protocol configuration
5. Configuring Links (UCDAVIS Network 21)
Benefits of creating VLAN
A few benefits of implementing a VLAN include Improved Administration Efficiency, Virtual Group Model, Reduction of Routing for Broadcasting, and Enhanced Network Security.
VLAN Trunk Links
VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) generally used to provide automatic VLAN definitions from the core switch to the distribution switches. Hence the customer has to define the VLANs once, on the core switch, and have that VLAN definition automatically propagate to all distribution switches which exist on the network. Once the VLAN definition had propagated to the distribution switch, it was then possible to begin assigning ports to the VLAN.
VLAN Access Links.
Access links are used to connect hosts, while Trunk links connect to the network backbone. To know about the operations of Access & Trunk links, It is desirable to know the login that dictates the type of link and Interface used.
VLAN logically groups independent LAN stations independent to their physical locations within a bridged LAN infrastructure. VLAN is a subset of Bridged LAN.

Controlling Broadcast Activity

• Broadcasted traffic can degrade network performance if not controlled.

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