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Voice Of Special People Essay

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“I Am Only one. But still, I am one. I cannot do every thing, but still I can do something, and because I cannot do every thing, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

The major community problem for which I have contributed my efforts is the problem of “THE RIGHTS OF SPECIAL PEOPLE”. I have worked as a teaching/counseling/social with the “Special People” of our “Community” since 7 years. Since from my childhood, I had an intention to social work for the special people, because I had a natural bond of attachment with them. To accomplish my wish, I chose “SPECIAL PEOPLE COMMITTEE” of our community so that I could bring change in their lives.
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I could say this that
\"Though I am young but even than I am mature\"
I can’t do every thing in this world but yes I have brought a little change in their lives, which is the big reward for me.

On this international plat form I want to raise their voice.
I want to be their voice to tell you all the problems, which all the special people are facing. The problems, which need to be resolute, could only be possible by joining hands together.

The following are the major problems, which my community special people of “border line” category are facing, which has been identified by me are:
· They want to get proper EDUCATION.
· They want to get their RIGHTS.
· They want others to TREAT THEM PROPERLY.
· They want every one to stop calling them “SPECIAL”.
· They want others to treat them as “NORMAL HUMAN BEING OF THE SOCIETY”.
· They want to Marry.
· They want JOBS to begin their INDEPENDENT LIFE.
· They want to participate in INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS.
· They want the PLATFORMS to show their talent to this world.
· They want every one in the society, to MAKE THEM THEIR FRIENDS.

I want to share my experiences with you, that in what way I have helped few of my community special students of “borderline” to bring change in their lives and I would like to share my efforts and my initiative with you.

FIRSTLY, in order to aware community people about their problems, I worked with special children and identified the problems, which they are facing.

Next, I wrote an article” I ADORE SPECIAL PEOPLE WHY DON’T YOU?\"
In which I wrote about their rights and distributed in it to the community people so that they can be made aware about their personal needs and their rights. People, specially the younger members of our community showed positive gestures and showed their keen interest to know more about them after reading my Article.
In this way I made the people of my community well aware about their needs and expectations from the society.

Next, I participated in the workshops in which I presented speech on special people in front of their parents. I faced many problems because I came to know that many of the special students were dishearten because their parents do not understand them.
Next, I personally visited many of the parents of my community and made them well aware about their wants, needs, and expectations from their family members.


Their weeps, their words, their expressions, their gestures; all had made me realized just one thing that still in Pakistan in all the major communities, SPECIAL PEOPLE ARE NOT TREATED AS A NORMAL HUMAN BEING.
Even though I know that they are the special stars of our society. They have made our nation proud too by participating in Special...

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