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Vw Type 2 Camper Essay

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Last updated July 2015
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Depending on how you obtained the Windows software, this is a license agreement between (i) you and the device manufacturer or software installer that distributes the software with your device; or (ii) you and Microsoft Corporation (or, based on where you live or if a business where your principal place of business is located, one of its affiliates) if you acquired the ...view middle of the document...

1. Overview.
a. Applicability. This agreement applies to the Windows software that is preinstalled on your device, or acquired from a retailer and installed by you, the media on which you received the software (if any), any fonts, icons, images or sound files included with the software, and also any Microsoft updates, upgrades, supplements or services for the software, unless other terms come with them. It also applies to Windows apps developed by Microsoft that provide functionality such as contacts, music, photos and news that are included with and are a part of Windows. If this agreement contains terms regarding a feature or service not available on your device, then those terms do not apply.
b. Additional terms. Additional Microsoft and third party terms may apply to your use of certain features, services and apps, depending on your device’s capabilities, how it is configured, and how you use it. Please be sure to read them.
(i) Some Windows apps provide an access point to, or rely on, online services, and the use of those services is sometimes governed by separate terms and privacy policies, such as the Microsoft Services Agreement at ( You can view these terms and policies by looking at the service terms of use or the app’s settings, as applicable. The services may not be available in all regions.
(ii) Microsoft, the manufacturer or installer may include additional apps, which will be subject to separate license terms and privacy policies.
(iii) The software includes Adobe Flash Player that is licensed under terms from Adobe Systems Incorporated at ( Adobe and Flash are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
(iv) The software may include third party programs that are licensed to you under this agreement, or under their own terms. License terms, notices and acknowledgements, if any, for the third party programs can be viewed at (
(v) To the extent included with Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are licensed for your personal, non-commercial use, unless you have commercial use rights under a separate agreement.
2. Installation and Use Rights.
a. License. The software is licensed, not sold. Under this agreement, we grant you the right to install and run one instance of the software on your device (the licensed device), for use by one person at a time, so long as you comply with all the terms of this agreement. Updating or upgrading from non-genuine software with software from Microsoft or authorized sources does not make your original version or the updated/upgraded version genuine, and in that situation, you do not have a license to use the software.
b. Device. In this agreement, “device” means a hardware system (whether physical or virtual) with an internal storage device capable of running the software. A hardware partition or blade is considered to be...

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