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organizational behavior terms and concepts at Walgreens
The Walgreen Company was established 109 years ago by founder, Charles R. Walgreen. Today the organization is based on a century old company culture that reflects the vision of its founding father. The paper to follow will define organizational culture and behavior, diversity, and communication. The paper to follow will then explain in detail how these terms and concepts relate to the Walgreen Company as an organization.

Organizational Culture
An organizational culture is a set of common values, beliefs, aspects, and psychology shared by members of an organization. Organizational culture often guides the way that members of an ...view middle of the document...

Each company develops their own unique culture. This can include values, ethics, lingo and company jargon, aspects, and philosophies. Studies in group dynamics use psychology and sociology to understand why groups of people act the way they do. At the Walgreen Company, there exists a strong inner culture that is reflected in all employees from the boardroom to the front line. The Employees use a type of Wag-speak to communicate with each other. This is a series of technical terms known only by employees. For example, while visiting a Walgreens location, one may hear: IC3, code 20, PPL, or bag check. The same inner-company lingo can be heard within the walls of the corporate office. The company culture is strengthened through the use of a bureaucratic control system. This system lays out a series of company codes and policies that each employee must adhere to. This structured environment conditions employees on the way that they interact with each other and with outsiders such as vendors and customers.

Diversity is the inclusion of different types of people in regards to ethnicity, culture, religion, sex, age, disability, and sexual orientation. In the words of current Walgreen's CEO Greg Wasson "Diversity and inclusion at Walgreens are more than business initiatives, they are a way of life, embedded deep in our culture" (Wasson, 2010). Walgreen's has a long history of creating diversity within its company. Over the last five years, Walgreens has taken steps to enhance company diversity both within the company and in the products carried by the stores. In 2009, Walgreens opened a warehouse in Windsor, Connecticut where 30% of the employees are disabled (Drug Chain Review, 2009). In 2007, Walgreen's began to seek outside vendors to provide specialty products within the many ethnic communities throughout the nation. Vendors such as San Miguel, provide products from the home nation that are difficult to find in conventional retail stores.

Communication is the...

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