Walking With Gorillas Essay

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Title: Walking with Gorillas


Walking with Gorillas
Through the years, man has destroyed, maimed, and mutilated the environment. Man has done this through wanton, reckless killing of animals, pollution, deforestation, and many other ways. The destruction of the environment has had so many negative impacts including diseases, plagues, extinction of organisms, and even brought about immense suffering. The essay by Terry Williams illustrates one such case about the near extinction of gorillas. The damage has majorly been caused by human greed. Greed has been expressed in several ways that include: the want by humans to over extend land for agriculture, industries, and housing. If man continues in the ways of destruction, there will be nothing left in the universe (Imbriaco, 2006).
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The ability to show how tourism earns income for Rwanda puts as steadfast case of why gorillas should be saved. This appeal to facts has helped solidify the author’s case on the harm done to gorillas.
Author’s intent
The author’s intent is to sensitize people about gorillas and other organisms. She depicts a way in which man can conserve the gorillas and benefit at the same time. Gorillas can be a true source of income to both the people, and the country itself. Killing of the animals and destruction of the forests only benefits man in the short run; in the long run, it brings sorrows (Imbriaco, 2006).
Intended audience
The essay is intended for all human beings. It focuses on gorillas, but it can also be interpreted to pass on a message of conservation to everyone. It is not necessarily gorillas that need protection from harm by human beings; there are other unnamed animals and plants too. Man should take care of the environment if he wants Mother Nature to take care of him too. Gandhi reiterated that there is enough in the world for the need of everyone. Man in that case does not have to be greedy and take more than enough. Man should only utilize what is necessary, and leave the rest. In case man ignores the warning, Nature has its own way of paying back; many are bound to suffer if Mother Nature gets angry (Fossey, 2000).
In conclusion, every being in the universe that has life has a right. It does not matter whether the being in question is not a human being. Utmost care of the environment should be put into consideration before many does something to nature. Governments, individuals, and organizations should endeavor to ensure that man’s continuous, indiscriminate destruction does not destroy the environment.

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