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Walmart And Intergrated Marketing Essay

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Walmart and Integrated Marketing
Theresa Perrey
MKT498/Integrated Marketing Strategies
June 10, 2013
Heather Teague

Integrated Marketing
Integrated marketing in its most basic terms means to combine all forms of communication and messaging with regards to a product or service. Now this may seem simple but it can be very complex and requires a great deal of effort and time, however the pay off can be great. By creating an integrated marketing plan a company has the opportunity to build competitive advantage, increase sales and profits, while reducing time and stress, and saving money (Burgess, M. 2013).
The purpose of integrated marketing is to wrap the messaging about a product or ...view middle of the document...

By creating one central tag line to describe its company, Walmart already has a jump start to combining all forms of communication and brand messaging. Anytime someone hears “Save Money, Live Better” Walmart comes right to mind. Walmart’s integrated marketing consists primarily of television commercials, direct mail, radio, and internet. Walmart uses this specific group of media outlets to express to the target audience how Walmart can help them save money and live better.
Walmart’s integrated marketing plan has unmistakable value and purpose to it. The purpose to the plan is simple, let the consumer know that they can count on Walmart to save money on the products they need and want. The value to this plan is shown in the growth of the company over the last six years since the slogan was introduced. Walmart continues to utilize all integrated marketing around this tag line, changing it up a bit as new services and products changed. Just recently, Walmart began a marketing campaign to extend past its target audience to show all consumers how much money they can save by shopping at Walmart. Walmart has customers bring in a receipt from the local supermarket and then helps them shop for the same items. Once at the register the customer can then see how much they can save on their weekly shopping bill by switching to Walmart. This campaign extends on the overall slogan by showing the...

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