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Imagine being a child remembering how simple times were. All you had to do all day was play with your toys. Think about all those hours spent making up game after game. It didn’t matter whether it was a fancy toy or a cardboard box we had imagination. Unfortunately as we grow older we lose that imagination. One man in particular was able to not only keeps his, but share it with the world. Walt Disney was able to create a world in which fairytales and cartoons would be loved for decades. He was a creative genius. Walt Disney deserves to be honored because of all the joy he has brought so many of us. He started the company that brought us so many wonderful movies, TV shows, and amusement ...view middle of the document...

He then went on to create the world famous Mickey Mouse in 1928 starring in his first picture Steamboat Willie. Ten years later Walt’s first ever animated film Snow White came out and was a huge success among audiences. During the 1930s and 1940s Walt came up with the concept of opening a theme park because when he went with his two daughters to amusement parks at the time many of them were poorly themed carnivals and could only be enjoyed by kids so Walt envisioned a place where the entire family could enjoy themselves. Enter then Disneyland which opened July 18th 1955. The opening day was not so successful due to maintence problems but overtime it would grow to be the most famous theme park in history with many new attractions and millions of people visiting each year. To this date The Walt Disney Company has made 53 animated movies, 14 theme parks around the world, many television networks, a successful music division, and so much more with an annual revenue of $35 billion dollars per year. Walt himself has been awarded 26 Academy Awards out of 59 nominations. Both are the most for any one individual. He has also been awarded 7...

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