War Against Terrorism In Pakistan Essay

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Class 9th English Guess Paper | |
|Important Questions from Prose Section: |
|Why did Alamo Equal want a separate state for the Muslims of India? |
|Define Nursing? Who was Florence Nightingale? |
|How do we get Malaria? How can we get rid of it? |
|Where is Moen Jo Dario? What objects were found in the ruins of Moen Jo Dario? |
|What ...view middle of the document...

V |
|Duties of a good student / Students and politics |
|Jashn-e-Eid Millad Nabi |
|Important Applications: |
|School leaving certificate |
|marriage leave |
|visit to a science exhibition |
|Important Letters: |
|Letter to editor about in sanitary condition in our locality. |
|To friend and invite him to spend summer vacations with you. |
|To your father telling him about the profession you would like to choose? |
|For MCQS: |
|Passive Voice: |
|Important points: |
|In active sentence sentence starts with subject (doer of an action). |
|In passive sentence sentence starts with object and subject is placed at the end with by. |
|In passive sentence we always use verb 3rd form. |
|We don’t make the passive of those tenses which already have “be” or “been”. |
|For making passive of continuous tense we simply add “being” with their existing helping verb. |
|Important Structures: |
|For Affermative Sentences: |
|Active: Subject + helping verb + verb + object |
|Passive: Object + helping verb + verb 3rd form + by + subject ...

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