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"War Games" And The 80's Essay

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"War games" definitely displayed some true 80's themes. The computer age was really dawning on society and was finding its way into people's homes all across America. As the technology age began to boom back in the 80's there was presumably natural fears that computer technology would grow too fast and computers might become to powerful and could take over. But, I think the most things that the computerized generation was worried about were that they would rely too much on computers that they would lose control of them. These fears have probably still survived a little today, but not as much. Originally people were worried that their jobs would be replaced by computers and that particular occupations would become extinct and obsolete. In general this hasn't really happened. Sure computers have simplified ...view middle of the document...

We never saw in the minds and the motives of the Russians of this film, but we could see that the military of the U.S did not want to start another world war. The whole idea behind the cold war was clear in conflict as neither the Russians nor the Americans were going to start the fighting they just each wanted to be ready if the other attacked.The ever uplifted computer hacker must have grown up in the 80's. Before the 80's the geeks were always the people who had nothing better to do than to play with AM radios and go to star trek conventions. When computer came out a new age of geek was born and universally accepted. For me as a viewer, that kid looked pretty cool breaking into stuff and hacking and all that. Call him a MacGyver without the paper clip. This is the type of guy who is really technically tricky but not blowing things up. A more recent film "The Italian Job" also has a hacker in it that just seems to have a really cool character. The computer age brought out the computer hacker to be a cool desirable thing to be. This is probably where geeks became cool. I think that's where the entire older computer guys came from in today's technological society. So many people today in their 40's and 50's didn't go to college for computers but are still masters at their technological craft. They were there from the beginning tinkering and playing with computers and learning along with all the computer developments. Of course if you weren't a geek back in the 80's with computers and never really took the time to learn some things about computers, chances are in today's world you seem a little lost. Working at the Cat's help desk, we get a lot of people who just don't know how to send an email or do anything network or internet related. Most people can use Microsoft Word for word processing but unfortunately many people from the 80's who didn't make an effort to learn the computer system will be a little lost in today's techie world.

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