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War In Iraq: Is It Necessary

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War with Iraq: Is it necessary for War?

As the United States has increased its stature as a democratic imperialistic super power, so has the threat to its nation’s security both to its citizens and its military. The events of September 11th changed the way Americans viewed the world. We once thought ourselves as invincible because of our military strength. However, not even our powerful military could stop a surprising attack within our own country. Our attention has now turned to Iraq and their weapons of mass destruction. These weapons pose a severe threat to the citizens and the military personal of the United States. The Bush administration has clearly expressed our need for a ...view middle of the document...

The only method to assist his political status would be to put an end to the weapons of mass destruction programs. A country can’t go into a war without the support of any other countries, which would just be considered suicide. If nearly every other country were opposed to a war, then engaging in a war would only bring more damage to our military and our country. The United States must seek to gain the support of our allies and the approval of countries throughout the world, while being careful not to make any new enemies along the way.
A war with Iraq would have many economic issues embedded in it. Wars aren’t free; they cost money, and a lot of money. During wars, munitions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars are used and lost every day. The war in Afghanistan cost an average of two billion dollars monthly; this figure would more than likely at the least stay the same with a war in Iraq. More money would eventually be needed by the military to make up for the artillery lost and used in the war so therefore they would request more money. This money comes from the taxpayers. Whether taxes are raised or other programs are cut or decreased, the money must come from our tax dollars. If taxes are raised even more, then Americans will have less money to spend, which would more than likely lead to the decreased amounts of purchasing of consumer goods. Also, a war in the Middle East will cause instability in the economic system throughout the entire region. It will take years for the economic system to get back to even where it is now. Countries who trade with the United States could also be affected, as a higher tariff could be added so the U.S. can make up for the money lost during the war. A war costs money, and the U.S. doesn’t produce money, so any money lost will have to be made up for using tax dollars since this is where all the U.S....

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