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War With In The Civil War

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War With in the Civil War

Since my ancestors arrived in the United States, we have always been looked down upon and discriminated against. When the Slave runners first brought us to America, we were taken against our will, separated from our family’s and forced to work as laborers. We became less than dogs. We became slaves to the rich/greedy Americans. We were given no pay, little food and worked all day every day. If we did not obey we were badly whipped and beaten sometimes to death. Africans like myself have fought for our freedom, and up until the Civil War it was never given to us. When the Civil War began, we wanted to fight so we could free all slaves, in hopes that we could ...view middle of the document...

Finally, in the summer of 1862, Lincoln knew that the war would not be won without the end of slavery, so Lincoln drew up the Emancipation Proclamation.
This document would come to free us slaves in the Union.

On July 17, 1862, Congress "repealed an act of 1792 that would not let us serve in the state militia. A new Militia Act was put in place. The new act would permit free black men and ex-slaves to fight in the state militia. After our long hard fight to be allowed to serve in the Union Army, African Americans would finally have the chance to prove our selves. We served our home proudly as free men and fight to free our fellow brothers who were not as fortunate as us.
Enrollment began sometime in late in1862. Thousands of black men just like me enlisted. There were not to be any black officers, but we didn’t care we where just glad we could fight for our fellow brothers plus I think we did receive some kind of pay.

When the Confederate Army and President Davis found out that we where enlisting in the union army it made him burst with rage. Davis stated that Union officers recruiting slaves were 'outlaws' and would be execution as felons and all 'slaves captured in arms' would face the death penalty

However, this did not stop us. The South has been killing our people for years what’s new. What was hard was dealing with constant discriminated by many of the white soldiers in the Union Army. Many rejected the idea of fighting along side of us. The soldiers would say blacks are not equal and it’s a disgrace to fight along side these Negroes. As a Black soldier I knew I would be subject to discrimination and harassment. Through it all, we still lined up for enlistment. We never backed down it was not right that we where free and our brothers in the South where still suffering.

As free black men we did not have it much better than our brothers in the south. They put us on the front lines to fight. We were assigned all the rough tasks and if we did not follow command we would be whipped. The whites received all the equipment and medical...

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