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Was Hitler Primarily Responsible For The Outbreak Of The Second World War

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Hitler was primarily responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War. He was too ambitious that he constantly violated the Treaty of Versailles to rearm and invade other countries, and even ignored the ultimatum sent by Britain and invaded Poland which directly marked the beginning of the Second World War.

Firstly, his adoption of expansionist policy posed a serious threat to world peace. Germany built up a strong army, which made a war more and more possible at the time, with large amount of population and resources plumped into military, alarming the other countries to rearm. He also constantly invaded other countries and violated the Treaty of Versailles, for example, he ...view middle of the document...

All these revealed that Hitler was a man totally not trust worthy and would never be satisfied unless reaching his goal to conquer the whole Europe, thus making a large-scale war highly possible. If Hitler had been slightly more cooperative and less ambitious, the war might not be in such a large-scale and such devastative.

Thirdly, Hitler’s an extremely ambitious and cold-hearted leader with enormous charisma and manipulating skills, which made him nearly unstoppable and a large-scale war inevitable as long as Hitler was in power. He was a risk taker and an opportunist who spoke the words that Germans wanted to hear and successfully manipulated the whole Germany to help him achieve his ultimate goal, to conquer the world and achieved the Thousand Year Reich. His genius in military and charisma made Germany completely controlled by him with the use of state-police in mind-blogging, indoctrination and propaganda to further his view that the Jews and the world were to blame for everything wrong with Germany. He didn’t care about the huge destruction caused by the war in order to reach his own goal, not even the destruction to his own country. In fact, in his final broadcast in the Second World War, he blamed Germany for losing the war because of their weaknesses. The above showed that he was simply too ambitious and selfish to an unbelievable point that he intended to plunge the world into a total war from the beginning and would declare war on whoever blocked his way, thus Hitler was highly unlikely to be stopped by other intervention from other countries or the...

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