Was "The Era Of Good Feelings" An Accurate Name For The Period Between The War Of 1812 And The Rise Of Andrew Jackson? Why Or Why Not?

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Was "The Era of Good Feelings" an accurate name for the period between the War of 1812 and the rise of Andrew Jackson? Why or why not?The term ¡§the Era of Good Feeling¡¨ was first posted in a Boston newspaper, which impressed, James Monroe, the new American President's warm reception in Boston. The entire society was very anxious to turn back into a normal life when the War of 1812 ended; as a result, the term implied President's good-will tour through the North. Actually, the term "the Era of Good Feeling¡¨ described the atmosphere of the United States from 1815 to 1825.After the War of 1812, the period was named as a lower level of concern over potential ...view middle of the document...

Both side were temporary calm down according to the terms of the Missouri Compromise. Afterwards, Missouri was admitted to access without constraints on slavery. On 3rd March 1820, Henry Clay finally reached a negotiation. Both states were admitted and the balance of authority in Congress was remained. A myriad financial setback was the result of the Panic in 1819 and the result has led to a collapse of the cotton industry. The price of cotton has dropped dramatically. At the meantime, there was a reduction by the controversial Bank of the United States. In addition, there was also a huge unemployment and homeless people in the country. Before the panic started, farmers bought land on credit due to the fluctuating prices for corn and wheat because they thought that the land could make a higher turnover in order to pay off their debts. After the War in 1812, the economy had grown rapidly. Americans rushed to explore new western farmland in the suburb. Due to low cotton market price, not only the farmers had huge difficulties to pay loans on the original high price of...

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