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Was The Impact On Industrial Revolution Positive?

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A revolution begins when someone has a demand for reform with they’re country. Writers from the Enlightenment were usually arguing with the social, political and economic ways in their country. Quite a few of them wrote of better ways to solve these grievances. Many people across the world were fed up with their kings, restricted voting rights, and empires. One of the writers from the Enlightenment wrote that people should be able to have natural rights as well as life, liberty, and property. He thought that the best government was one accepted by all the citizens, and if that government fails its obligations or violates the peoples natural rights, that the people have the right to over throw it. He believed in a limited monarchy and ...view middle of the document...

Another social grievance is the authority of the church. People would benefit if they had religious freedom and toleration. You shouldn’t have to be forced to be Catholic because your country is, so freedom of religion is great because you can believe what you want. Poverty and unfair taxes are some economic grievances. Some solutions for poverty were economic reforms and free market. Free market is common is America these days. Today you can start from scrapes and become a millionaire years later. You can make up anything and try and sell it and the government can’t do much about it. A huge problem was unfair taxes. As a result they decided you could have elected assemblies and expand the voting rights. Letting all men vote was a huge thing and really good because before only people who owned property could vote. Two of the political grievances were absolute power and empires. Locke had talked about peoples natural rights and if the government wasn’t upholding them you have the right to over throw it or more specifically the king. To protect their natural rights they made constitutions and elected assemblies. With constitutions the king couldn’t break the rules and when new kings came in they knew what they could and couldn’t do. The empires were huge and smaller countries didn’t always agree with them specifically in religion. A solution was to achieve independence. The Enlightenment writers opened our ideas on all that we could do to change our country. For many years they had not known they could react to the king’s power or any of these social, economic, and political problems. This period of time was a light going off to the future.

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