Water Pollution Essay

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HUMBER COLLEGE ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC ISSUES EXAMPLE OF QUESTIONS FOR TEST 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) How could "stock pollutants" be described?
Pollutants B) Pollutants C) Pollutants D) Pollutants


with special characteristic which makes them extremely hazardous. which could be absorbed by the environment. which could be little or not at all absorbed by the environment. which could be dissolved in water.

Answer: C
2) Hcnr would the pollution for which the environment has some absorptive capacity be called? B) Fund pollutants. A) Raw D) Absorptive pollutants. C) Light

pollutants. pollutants.
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A) Damage cost and toxic D) Toxic costs and damage costs. C) Avoidance costs and Damage

costs. costs.

Answer: C

8) The efficient allocation of "Fund pollutant" is located at what point? A) The point where optimal level of pollution is equal 0. B) The point where marginal damage costs are paid out. C) The point where marginal cost of avoidance pollution are equal to marginal level
of no pollution. D) The point where marginal cost of avoidance pollution are equal to damage costs Answer: D



9) What should be the "residual" mass of raw material? B) The reused part of raw material. A) The left over part of raw material. D) The non valuable raw material. C) The valuable raw material.
Answer: A

10)Free access to resources and private propefi could besold atthe same market, which is incentive to the owners of private property to do what? A) Ameliorate the excess of those who does not exploit free-access properties and that efficient firm will make higher profit in efficient firms. B) Ameliorate the excess of those who exploit properties with natural resources and that will make higher profit in efficient firms. C) Ameliorate the excess of those who exploit free-access properties and that efficient firms will make higher profit. D) Ameliorate the higher profit with excess capacities in efficient firms. Answer: C
11) How can environmental authorities in Canada allocate pollution control responsibility in a reasonable manner? A) Specific legal level of pollution has been designated based on ecological level from 50 years ago and allocation of responsibility to that level is made by minimizing costs of damage. B) Specific legal level of pollution has been designated based on safety for human or ecological health and allocation of responsibility to that level is made by minimizing cost of control C) Specific legal level of pollution has been designated based on safety for human or ecological health and allocation of responsibility to that level is made by minimizing cost of damage. D) None of the answers are correct.

Answer: B

12) What should be condition for achieving a given reduction in emission? A) The marginal costs of control are equalized for all emitters. B) The marginal costs of control are equalized for all society. C) The marginal costs of control are equalized for every type of used resources. D) The marginal costs of control are equalized for all marginal benefits. Answer: A
13) "Emission standard" has been established by authorities in many countries, but what would be the best description of this standard? A) The ecological limit on the amount of the pollutant and individual source is allowed. B) The legal limit on the amount of the pollutant and individual source is allowed to emit. C) The biological limit on the amount of the pollutant an individual source is allowed. D) The chemical limit on the amount of the pollutant an individual sources is allowed.

Answer: B 14) Who collects emission...

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