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Water Pollution In Lake Huron Essay

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Your title page should be in center alignment and double spaced no extra spaces in between. The beginning of your title page should start 4 tabs down
Strayer University I do not think the name of the school is really needed

The Public Needs to Know
By you really do not need “by”
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Consider rewriting this last part. over the course of one week of menusI would remove this part of the sentence. Which is essential for their I would change this to “the”growth and development of the children. I would consider putting this instead of which.
The economic pressures I would make pressures singular to be able to provide more nutritious breakfast and lunches in schools are very similar to those facing any business. The school must take into consideration how providing healthier meals might affect revenues. A I would change this to: the downside to providing healthier meal options in schools are I would change are to is I would add a comma and take away that that if students do not welcome the change I would add a comma here since most student are take away are think that healthy meals are not tasty and may choose i would change around choose and not not to purchase the food offered in the cafeteria I would put a period here takea way “which would” and add “this could” which would cause loss of revenue for the add school and make cafeterias plural cafeteria. While on the positive side many students will not be willing to purchase nutritious foods, if they are fully aware of how eating healthy impact their health. You want this last sentence to be positive, am I correct? I would take out “while” and “the”, change “positive side” to “positive note” and say something positive such as “On a positive note, if the students were more aware of how healthy eating makes such an impact on their lives, they will most likely eat healthier”.
For every beginning of a paragraph hit the tab button once it will give you the correct indentation and only hit enter once.
Some factors that would need to be taken into consideration are the free federal lunches for low-income children. The school food operation also serves reduced-price lunches for middleclass-income children add a comma and Children from higher income families pay full price for their lunches. Those I would take out “those” and just leave “paid” as the beginning of the sentence. paid lunches are still federally subsidized to some degree as long as the meal meets the requirements of the federal lunch program the school food service gets to set its own price for the meal. I would state more facts because this paragraph is a concern for many Americans now. You could state the range the different classes make, you could cite some sources as well.
Offering a I would take “a” away healthier alternative comma such as of I would take away “of” fresh fruits and take away “and” add a comma insteadvegetables, whole grains and low fat milk in schools at the same price as the unhealthy options might be impossible to do I would re write this last part “might be impossible to do” and possibly change it to “may not be such a wise decision” then end the sentence there. , because take away “because” state why it would not be such a wise idea and talk about the nutrition these children need. we also...

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