Water Saving Tactics Essay

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Nowadays, climate change is a very serious global problem. Everyone is concerned about this issue. Some scientists have come up with new technological solutions to control or rescue the situation (Ollhoff 2011, 4). However, history shows that after adapting the technological solutions, new problems arise and cause negative impacts on the society and environment (Ollhoff 2011, 4). Therefore, people know that in order to stop global warming, it might be better to find a substantial solution instead of relying on technology. In other words, it may be more effective to solve the problem with changes in social behaviors. Thus, this essay explores how Creative Problem- Solving Process (CPSP) can ...view middle of the document...

Thus, I researched this problem to see whether consumption of electricity will directly caused impacts on the environments, which leads to the global warming problem. I found that in 2009, 78% of Australian electricity was produced from coal, 14% from natural gas, and 4.7% from hydro (World Nuclear Association 2011). Furthermore, the main fuel used by Victoria is brown coal (lignite); for New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland, they are using high quality black coal; whereas in West Australia and South Australia, they are using lower quality black coal. Through further research, I found that carbon dioxide is released when coal is burned to generate power. For instance, in NSW, 920,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per terawatt hours (TWh) are emitted by the black coal plants, whereas Victorian brown coal plants release 1.29 million tonnes carbon dioxide per TWh (World Nuclear Association 2011). So, if I changed my habits to reduce my consumption of electricity everyday, there is potential to reduce combustion of coal, and fewe carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are put out into the atmosphere. By using Osborn’s CPSP I have been able to identify the problem existing in the community and do some research on this problem, which allows me to move to the second step of the process-idea finding.

Idea finding is the second stage of the Osborn’s CPSP. In this step, it requires producing or coming up with as many tentative ideas and possible leads as possible, after that, selecting the most relevant ideas, adding up each other to reprocess all of these by modifying and combining them (Osborn 1979, 86). I have done this successfully by using creative tools, analogies, brainstorming and problem reversal, to generate ideas that will enable me to reduce my consumption of electricity.

Analogy is also one of the effective creative tools. Analogies are used to recognize the similarity in some aspects between two things otherwise unlike; it is a partial resemblance. For example, a ceiling fan and a windmill have the same concept. They both have three “wings”, however, they have different function. I have used analogies as a creative tool to link electricity and money together. They are both valuable but easy to waste. When I am trying to save money by using less electricity, I will try to cut down the usage of electricity and keep the electricity bills as low as possible with a target below $50. So, I am able to use the money in other useful ways. In order to measure how much electricity I have used within a month, I keep all the electricity bills as a record and compare them regularly to check whether the method workable or effective. Other than saving money, I am practicing and developing a good habit, saving energy, at the same time.

Brainstorming is also one of the creative thinking tools that can be used to generate ideas. “Brainstorming promotes idea generation and creative thinking at the outset of the problem and helps to overcome blocks...

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