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Waterborne Illness Essay

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Water borne illness in third world countries
Danielle H Woods
Ivy Tech Community College
October 16, 2013

Water borne illness in third world countries
Third countries have myriad problems that interrelate in intricate ways to cause a series of problems for their citizens. One major problem in the third world countries is the disease burden. Waterborne diseases make a major contribution to diseases’ burden in the third world. As per the World Health Organization, waterborne diseases contribute to about 4.1% to the daily burden of diseases on the planet daily. WHO puts the contribution of sanitation, poor hygiene, and unsafe water contribution to waterborne diseases at 88% ...view middle of the document...

This means that such people will neither exercise caution nor get appropriate medical attention. Instead, they will seek superstitious intervention.
Third world countries also lack elaborate health systems that can address the health needs of their citizens. Hospitals are not only under equipped to deal with waterborne diseases; they are also inaccessible by a substantial number of needy citizens. For example, the forested South American nation Peru has citizens who cannot access maternity services due to forests and inaccessible roads. This means that even waterborne diseases victims face the same plight. This is also common in sub-Saharan nations where even hospital beds cannot service waterborne patients especially in times of disease outbreak.
Microorganisms that are notorious waterborne diseases causers include protozoa and bacteria (Smith, 2000). These parasites mainly invade the intestines, tissues, and the circulatory systems of human beings from where they cause diseases and suffering of their victims. Viruses also cause some waterborne diseases coupled with other metazoan parasites found in contaminated water.
Many people are aware of common water diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, and cholera but they remain ignorant about diseases caused by metazoan organisms such as Schistosomiasis caused by fluke worms. The popular ring worms are the nematodes which are metazoans that invade the human intestines causing a series of complications to the digestive system.
As stated earlier, waterborne causing pathogens are present in contaminated water. These pathogens can get into the human body in a couple of ways. For instance, some pathogens such as the metazoans can get through human skin and invade the circulatory system. From the circulatory system, protozoans go through a series of stages and end up in the intestines where they wreak havoc. This means that showering, swimming, and doing laundry with contaminated water predisposes people to pathogens. Pathogens can also get into the human body through ingestion. Here, humans take pathogens with contaminated water or food and beverages prepared with contaminated water.
Infants and the elderly are particularly susceptible to waterborne diseases due to their weak immunities (3rd World Water Congress: drinking water treatment : selected proceedings of the 3rd World Water Congress of the International Water Association, held in Melbourne, Australia, 7-12 April 2002, 2002). Children’s immunity experiences most of the diseases for the first time making the body not to respond adequately to the pathogens. Their immunity improves with age as their immunity continues to register these pathogens and develops their antibodies. Elderly people have weak immunity as immunity only gets impaired with old age. Protozoan diseases include Amoebiases, Cryptosporidiosis, Cyclosporiasi, Giardiasis, and Microsporidiosis among others. Each disease listed above has its own protozoan...

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