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Wbs And Wbs Dictionary For Wedding

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The key to a good WBS and WBS Dictionary is the engagement of project team members to comprehensively identify and discuss activities for the project. A Project Manager must ensure that all the work that needs to be accomplished for the project is contained within the WBS Dictionary and is understood by team members. All work should have clearly defined duration, resources, dependencies, and level of effort (Cleland, 1990). A Project Manager should elicit feedback from all team members to ensure that the WBS and WBS Dictionary are valid and comprehensive prior to developing the detailed schedule. The project manager, has been asked to plan the wedding for his niece.

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The WBS cannot be used as a replacement for the project plan or schedule. By definition, a WBS is not required to be created in any type of order or sequence. It is simply a visual breakdown of deliverables.


1.0 Initiation 2.0 Planning 3.0 Execution 4.0 Post Wedding

1.1 Wedding Budget 2.1 Officiant Arrangement 3.1 Officiant 4.1 Final payment to Officiant

1.2 Wedding Concept Outline 2.2 Photo /Video -graphy 3.2 Photo /Video -graphy 4.2 Photo /Video -graphy

2.3 Floral Arrangements 3.3 Floral 4.3 Floral

2.4 Food / Catering 3.4 Food / Catering 4.4 Food / Catering

2.5 Cake 3.5 Cake

2.6 Event Management 3.6 Event Management

Figure 1 – WBS showing two levels

What was your project’s top priority (Schedule, Cost, or Scope)?
Since optimization may not be attainable on our wedding project, it is necessary to prioritize the objectives of the project in order to ensure success. Without prioritization, the individuals working on programs will be pulled in opposing directions and will be continually redirected during the project, resulting in failure. Proper prioritization of product cost, scope, and schedule will result in success. For our project we chose to prioritize by schedule. The wedding must be held before mid-October, as the groom will be deployed on military service overseas on October 29. Hence, the project schedule was chosen as the highest priority. The team must make changes to the project scope or project cost in order to meet the schedule. Some hard tradeoffs need to be made when prioritizing the project schedule. Schedule-oriented project planning is a planning methodology that forces the project team to plan the project bit by bit by drafting the project schedule early in the process and using that schedule to build subsequent plans such as the cost, quality, procurement, communications, and risk plans (Milosevic, 1990). By performing this exercise and communicating the priorities, the project team will be given very clear objectives that allow the members to make their own tradeoffs knowing the overall project priorities.

WBS Dictionary
Many projects will also find it necessary to create a WBS Dictionary to accompany their WBS. The WBS Dictionary is simply a document that describes each component in the WBS. This helps clarify any specifics later on when team members completing the work or stakeholders viewing the deliverables have questions. The WBS Dictionary may be in table or excel format. The WBS dictionary for this wedding project is submitted in excel chart format (Wedding WBS Dictionary.xlsx). As the Project Manager and Team discuss and define the WBS...

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