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‘We Live In A Specific Time And Place Yet, Simultaneously, We Experience An Internal Life That Is Not Limited In This Way.’

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Jim crawled like an animal across the muddy and desolate field, once it had been crowded with peasants and their crops, now it
was strewn with bodies. Every now and then dark and foreboding night sky was split by a blinding light that tore it open and was
followed by deafening cracks like thunder following lightning. Each time this happened a shiver of pure fear coursed through
Jim and he wondered if he had, in fact, died until he noticed he was still frozen cold and he was still in grained with dirt and how
could this be death? As he inched further forward, a shot rang out, startling Jim as the bullet buried itself in a corpse not far
from his position. The blackened body jumped then ...view middle of the document...

When the fighting above them eventually subsided they realised how close they
were to enemy lines. German voices drifted over the frozen rim of their refuge and through Jim knew he should be numb with
fear, he maintained some composure and he listened as Bobby continued to speak about his home at Deception Bay. The story
had a way of pulling Jim out of the nightmare of his reality and into the bay described by Bobby. He saw the gentle waves and
foam swell in Bobby’s eyes and sensed that he too was experiencing some form of escape inside his own mind. Jim could almost
smell the salty air as he watched Bobby’s lips move, blue from cold.
It was enough to transport him straight from his friend’s fishing paradise to the coast that Jim called home. His body remained
crouched in the putrid water at the bottom of the shell-hole in n-man’s land, but he himself could see a white coast stretching
before him, glistening under the warm Australian sun as sparkling waves crashed on the shore. Miss Harcourt was there with
her tripod and camera, setting up her equipment as Jim watched a gorgeous sandpiper though his field glasses. Ashley Crowther
was there...

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