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We Need Censorship Essay

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We Need Censorship



It won't kill us to make limits, but it might if we don't. That is why it is JUSTIFIABLE to limit adult's freedom of expression--it is in our, society's, best interests to protect the children. Lional Tate is just one example of a child gone bad because of the media. Tate mimicked his idol the Rock, killing a six-year old girl by smashing her skull, pulverizing her liver, breaking her ribs and causing numerous cuts and bruises. If that's not enough of an example what about the teen from New Jersey who simply listened to Ozzy Osborne's "Suicide Solution" and killed himself? These are not random occurrences, we hear about them on the news ...view middle of the document...

In the past, the heroes of movie and television shows were usually people who strictly followed the law. Now, heroes are often people who take the law into their own hands, who see an injustice or evil and seek to rectify it personally, sometimes brutally, regardless of the consequences. Such portrayals signal, to a child, society's approval of that behavior. Lacking the judgment that comes with age, a child who feels he has been dealt with unfairly may copy that behavior, with disastrous consequences.


John Stuart Mill on free expression: "The sole end for which mankind is warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of any of their number is self protection." Free expression is a wonderful thing, in principle. It is the foundation of a democratic society and many of the principles that modern society is based upon. Unfortunately, there is also a darker side: the detriment certain kinds of expression can have on children's development. The same children that will one day be the teachers, politicians and businesspersons of the world. If they are allowed to be exposed to less than the best in their formative years, the results might be a society without morals, children without moral fiber or integrity, mentally scarred by the horrors they have been exposed to. An eight year-old boy and a ten year-old accomplice now face charges of rape and sexual molestation after forcing another student to have sex with the eight-year old. Both told police that they had learned about sex from a pornographic video that the eight year-old's father had rented. The eight year-old told police after watching the tape that 'I wanted to have sex with her.' Pornography is just one of the forms of expression taken too far and is detrimental to the children of America.


Here's an interesting study that was done many years ago to make a point. I'll set it up, then you guess what happened. A teacher made a special video to show her class of third graders. The video was shot in a school playroom with lots of toys that 5-year-olds really like. One of the toys was an inflated Bobo doll that stood about as tall as a first grader. Near Mr. Bobo was a large plastic baseball bat. What the teacher did is this. She filmed one little boy in the playroom having fun with Mr. Bobo. She specifically instructed the little boy to pick up the large plastic bat and to knock the living daylights out of Mr. Bobo. And, being a good little boy, the kid whacked Mr. Bobo like it was two out in the bottom of the ninth with the home team trailing by one. Whack, wham, and bash. Now, here's the interesting part of the study. The teacher took this video and brought it to another first grade class one day. Just before the children went to their playroom for a little recreation, the teacher played the video for them. It showed many kids playing the playroom, but it also featured the home run hitter knocking Mr. Bobo...

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