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We The Kids Essay

908 words - 4 pages

Tony Hale
Mrs. Linder
ELA 11 4rd hour
June 5, 2011
The Kids We Knew and the Kids We Know

The twentieth generation is filled with a new breed of kids that are always being criticized by the adults for having a bad behavior. Apparently, adults would never talk to their parents the way kids do today. They would never argue, never talk back, and would never disagree with anything when being punished. Times are changing, the world is a different place now and adults are not ready for what the future holds. Instead of family diners, family reunions, trips to the park and lake; people eat fast food, stay in touch by Facebook, text, and sit at home on the computer. Technology is moving fast ...view middle of the document...

do not use a cell phone to “see” how a kid is doing.

“This notion of teens being in touch all the time, anytime, is striking,” says Lee Rainie, founding director of the Pew Internet & American Life project. “Their conversations never end and anytime a sort of new input enters their lives – gossip or real news – they have the capacity to broadcast it to a wider group,” Rainie says.

“The speed and accessibility of technology makes it difficult to even remember how we conducted our lives when the world wasn’t so wired, when just 15 years ago conversations that weren’t face to face took place either over the telephone or by written letter.”

This passage, an article by Melissa Mcnamara, really tells you how much technology has effected teens and their behavior. Some teens feel their exposure to technology makes them more mature then they would be without it.. Facebook is a strong example of how easy communicating is. Facebook makes it one click away from spreading rumors, gossiping, and even bullying. Hartstein said, "If you're not going to be rude to someone to their face, don't do it on the Internet -- it stays there forever." Kids are harsh these days and the internet makes it effortless. 60% of teen kids say that they have received an IM from a stranger and about 50% replied.
It is not just the kids that have a problem with too much technology. Even adults have been trying to keep up with...

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