Weakening Families Essay

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Samira Garner
Sociology IP 4
Professor Smith
American InterContinental University Online
April 16, 2012

I agree with experts that weakening families are the cause of some of the problems society faces today. There isn’t enough discipline, morals and value put into the children anymore. Parents have become too lenient with their children and this is why things are getting worse for them as they grow up.
Since the 1960s, women are more independent when it comes to finances, which has resulted in high tensions in marriages. When a marriage consists of emotional and physical abuse, it is best that it is dissolved for the children’s sake. This on the other had causes children to ...view middle of the document...

A psychoanalyst said to have experienced a patient texting during a session. Psychiatrist Alice Maher says the internet is not all bad. She stated it also provides a venue which allows us to watch “primary processes” come to life. She also says it’s a playing field for our instincts and unconscious mental activities. “The computer is a blank screen that allows us to observe transference, projection and regression, with analytic interpretation that allow us to help others see it in themselves (Castelloe, 2011).
When there is a strong parent child relationship, it can make it easier to parent and guide your children in the right direction. It will be challenging to find the right balance in strengthening your relationship with your child, but it can be done.
* Know where to draw the line between being a friend and a cool parent. It is great to enjoy concerts, shopping and playing video games. When you encourage your children to drink, take drugs or letting them do other bad things, that is crossing the line. Letting them know that you want to have fun with your relationship with them, but being a parent comes first.
* Boundaries must be set. A good parent has rules, boundaries and consequences that come with the rules that are laid out. If you let your children go out with friends, there should be a curfew. Your children should have freedoms and be allowed to make their own choices, but within boundaries. Rules show that you...

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