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Weakness Of Provisional Govs Essay

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How is change portrayed in 'The color purple'
The concept of change in Alice Walkers 'the Color purple' is an element described as a journey of transition and development. The significance of change is without a doubt strongly emerged within the other motifs in the novel. Change at face value is to be depicted as a force of good nature rather than taking on the traditional depiction of southern conservatism. Regardless of this change I the novel can arguably be seen to play on the unrealistic.
Walker initially presents Celies character as self-effacing. 'I am' scored through presents the first note of transitional change as throughout the novel when in terms of the character Celies state ...view middle of the document...

The novel begins with shorter and basic sentence structures portraying the characters initial reservations and inability to express the gradually Celie is seen to use extended sentence structures when she begins to be more expressive and when she is developing as a character.
Walker also uses the nature of God and spirituality as a symobol of patriarchy in the novel. During the novel God is used an oprresive figure much like the men in the novel hovwever as the novel progresses Walker depicts Celie to relinquish this ‘fear’ of man. Initially God is portrayed as a desperate outlet for the protagonist as she is left with only the option of telling "nobody but God" of her grievances. In this beginning God is depicted as a man and arguably depicted of all men He is questionably seen as the 'patriarch' of the novel a point of with the novel and perhaps Walker vent their beliefs at. This view of God, initially as a device desperation then changes into a vessel of frustrations. Frustrations fuelled by the mistreatment experienced by Celie by the hand of men forcing a tone of resentment when she rights to God. This idea is exemplified by the loss of the 'dear' in a letter written to God this loss of 'dear' symbolising the loss of respect. This idea of God then transitions again to a more spiritual meaning where god is nor man nor woman and something to in fact be praised this idea exemplified by the 'amen' in the final letter this moment signposting her realignment of respect to the transitioned 'God' to 'The Spirt', ’the trees’, ‘the stars’, ect .
'The Color Purple' itself is an example of change in it's ambiguous assertion. The colour purple stand as an extended metaphor, reflective of Walkers characterisation of Celie in terms of the way it develops alongside Celie. Initially the colour purple is a first associated with the "an eggplant" colour of a bruise on Nettie but when you look at the connotations of a bruise; they are painful, look horrible, have the potential to conceal parts of a person and given time … heal. One can draw a comparison to depiction of Celie as she (in a figurative sense) is bruised; persuaded that she is "ugly", "evil" and many more degrading slurs, the bruises inflicted conceal factors of her for example her sexuality and desires are revealed and...

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