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WealthThere are differences between those who are born wealthy and those who earn money. Wealth, especially monetarywealth, means the person can meet all of their needs and wants with great luxury and still have money left to use, waste, save, or share. The people that are born wealthy don't appreciate their money as much as the people who have to earn it. Many people who are born with money become 'stuck up' or in other words they think they are better than other people who have to earn their money. Some people think that they have a harder life because they were not born wealthy. There are a vast number of differences between people that are born rich and people who have to earn their money.I believe that most people who have to earn their money appreciate ...view middle of the document...

They are not actually better; they just have it easier. People who have had money from birth do not understand the concept of earning a living so they make fun of the people who have to work. They also make fun of people that do not have as nice of things like clothes, cars, stereos, etc. The people who have to earn money covet the people who have had it from birth. People who have to earn their money are no better or worse than people who have been born with it. A person's value is not determined by the amount of money he has, or how he gets his money.Some people who are not born wealthy think that they have a harder life than those who are born wealthy. The people that are not born wealthy have to work for their money, be more careful with their money, and sometimes even go without money. Society has a high expectation for the wealthy; They are expected to contribute to the Cultural Arts, help the poor, and to contribute to a better society. Often the wealthy are pictured as worry free. This is not necessarily true. Both groups worry; they just worry about different things.There are a vast number of differences between people who have monetarywealth and people who have to earn their money. Some people who have monetarywealth don't appreciate their money as much. Some think that they are better because they have more money, but they are not. On the other hand, the people who have to earn their money appreciate it more, and sometimes, even though the should not, covet the monetarywealthy. Some people think that they have a harder life because they were not born wealthy, but they do not. A person should be judged on whom they really are, and not how hard their life is, or the number of nice things they have, or how much money they have.

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