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WWW (World Wide Web) represents the most significant revolution in the mass media since the beginning of the television. Made by Tim Berners in the Cern laboratory in Switzerland in 1989 as an application which should provide on-line exchange of information among scientists. WEB gets the correct meaning in 1993. when MOSAIC WEB BROWSER appeared. MOSAIC WEB BROWSER was developed by Mark Anderson, student of Illinois University, and ...view middle of the document...

End of the 90s marked an expansion of electronic commerce. HTML, sound and animation tricks are no longer sufficient. It became clear that it is necessary to connect web design to databases, which initially
HTML when developed, was not exactly planned. This means that web designer must have skills in JavaScript, ASP, Java, C + +, Visual Basicor VBScript. Companies now, do not have to employ a few people to make a web page, they need one man, a programmer. Who wants to deal with web design and takes a very profitable branch of the Internet economy that is already overcrowded, he must know that he would need  knowledge in several areas.


What do you need ?
First of all, you need a computer. You need a computer that can communicate with the Internet.
 Today,  communication is realized in one of two ways:
Local Area Network (LAN)

Most people use a modem for Internet access because there are only few companies that have installed an Internet connection on their local network.


The terms Internet and World Wide Web are often used in everyday speech without much distinction. However, the Internet and the World Wide Web are not one and the same. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks. In contrast, the Web is one of the services that runs on the Internet. It is a collection of text documents and other resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs, usually accessed by web browsers from web servers. In short, the Web can be thought of as an application "running" on the Internet.

Viewing a web page on the World Wide Web normally begins either by typing the URL of the page into a web browser or by following a hyperlink to that page or resource. The web browser then initiates a series of communication messages, behind the scenes, in order to fetch and display it. As an example, consider accessing a page with the URL http://example.org/wiki/World_Wide_Web .

Many domain names used for the World Wide Web begin with www because of the long-standing practice of naming Internet hosts (servers) according to the services they provide. The hostname for a web server is often www, in the same way that it may be ftp for an FTP server, and news or nntp for a USENET news server. These host names appear as Domain Name System (DNS) subdomain names, as inwww.example.com. The use of 'www' as a subdomain name is not required by any technical or policy standard; indeed, the first ever web server was called nxoc01.cern.ch, and many web sites exist without it. Many established websites still use 'www', or they invent other subdomain names such as 'www2', 'secure', etc. Many such web servers are set up such that both the domain root (e.g., example.com) and the www subdomain (e.g., www.example.com) refer to the same site; others require one form or the other, or they may map to different web sites.

1 Specifiers: http and https

The scheme...

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