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Introduction: How has it that a dream has now become the life and blood of our world’s economy? The internet has grown from a twinkle in our eye to an everyday commodity. We use the internet when we leave our house with our Smartphone’s, iDevice’s, and device’s in our vehicles. As the expectations from the users increase the developers have to meet those expectations. If a company does not meet the needs of the users, then the user will become impatient and go elsewhere. We designers need to keep the design up-to-date to keep the interest of the users there; content also needs to be current. Constant testing is a must for any website, with the constant changing languages, and programs. ...view middle of the document...

Being consistent is a major problem for many people, to many people like to talk nonsense, and that will reduce their credibility. If you are consistent your users will remember what is there, and what is new to the site. This helps you and the user in updating, and maintaining your site.

3 – Testing: This is a huge part for failed websites. Many new comers will build their site and not test they site they have built. They will not go through the links that they have put in place. To test these sites, links, and the readability of your site would be most beneficial to you and the future of the site. When you test your site you need to test on many variables, the main test should be browser testing. Test your site often and regularly.

4 – Layout: The layout of your page/site corresponds with the content and design. Your layout is another area that needs to be updated on a regular basis, just like your content, and design. Your layout and design work hand and hand. As you design your site, you will be working on your layout, and this is like a resume, it should always be changing and getting better. Your layout should never get worse. The object of your layout is not to make it look disorderly. How many time have you gone to a website and seen it in shambles and out-of-order, then left the site because you could not find anything in a timely matter. I know I have had this issue. I just look for another site, immediately. In your layout you need to keep out the clutter, make the text a normal size that the norm will be happy, you do not want the majority of your users to have to zoom in or out to be comfortable reading the content. As I previously said the layout works hand-in-hand with content and design. These three will always make or break your site. Build it well!

5 – Title: Your title need to be noticed, or it could be missed or overlooked. It is imperative to have a well visible title for your site. When you look at a site when searching through a search engine; the description (abstract) is not there, or not well written, most people will not enter that site. How important is title of your pages? It is very important.

6 – Viewing Experience: When the correctly used code is placed in the proper area, Images, animation, audio, & videos could make or break a website. Making sure that everything is working correctly, making sure that it is visible; this can keep your users at your site. To maintain the users that are visiting your site, you will need to do a few things that will keep their interest. First and foremost, write about something interesting, not just blogging. Try to keep you writings interesting, and non-intimidating.

7 – Navigation: What is stressful when attempting to navigate through a new site that you have never been to before; the stress of finding the links to move to where you want too. If you keep your navigation tabs in order on all pages the user will know where to go once he has used the links...

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