Website Review And Summary

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Website Review and Summary
There is large amount of information from national, state, and local government health agencies that reflect on teen pregnancy. That is because it has been an issue in the United States for a long time. Within the essay it will show how these different levels overlap with information. This will also show structure within the levels and what functions between the levels. This essay will also show how the different levels of government work together. Then my definition of public and community health.
Information Overlap
The Iowa Department of Public Health has information regarding teen pregnancies. Iowa Department of Public Health's focus is teen and young ...view middle of the document...

In Iowa ages 15-19 51% per 1000 girls became pregnant in 2005 (Teen Pregnancy Rates in the United States, 2010). In 2005 Iowa was ranked at number 10 out of 50 for pregnancy rates. South Dakota had the same rates of Iowa in 2005.
Government Working Together
The different levels of government work together to achieve some of the same goals. The goals they all three agree upon is prevention of pregnancies among teens. Improvement in health, development, and general well-being of a pregnant teen, mother, and the baby (Ooms & Golonka, no date). The last goal is to help teen parents by responsibility who can provide financially for their family, child, or children. At the state level they must cooperate with other local agencies and report the findings to a higher level of government. The local agencies focus on prevention others do direct services, such as family planning. State levels handle planning of programs, follow-up guidelines, and data collection (Ooms & Golonka, no date). Federal level focuses on providing the assistance to each state, funding, coordination in federal agencies, and assistance in transferring information from approaches (Ooms & Golonka, no date). The federal level also has to clarify the current policy and assess teen pregnancy prevent, how it meets the needs of a pregnant teen, and child. They also have to identify financial troubles in services and problems within a program. Federal level does inventory to see how much the state level gets for funding.
Defining Public and Community Health
Public health protects and improves health in communities. That is done by prevention, healthy lifestyles, education, and research (What is Public Health, no date). Public health researches study genetics, choices, and environment effects on health in communities and families. Public health's main focus is populations of people whether it is a big population or a small town. Community health is a field within public health. Communities health focuses on studies and improvement of health in...

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