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Project Charter

Wedding Bells


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Project Name3


Project Name
Wedding Bells

Project Background
Mary-Jo and Jimmy are getting married in 3 months, so there isn’t much time for planning. Mary-Jo’s parents want to plan a memorable event nonetheless for their ...view middle of the document...

Their expectations for the wedding will be met by concise communication and careful consideration of all deliverables, throughout the process.

Project Stakeholders
The Project Sponsors are the bride and groom, as they have the vision of how the wedding should proceed, including making decisions and approve the schedule.

The Project Executives are the parents of Bride and Groom, who are providing and have approved $20,000 for the wedding. They have decided on the following; budget, preferred location for the reception, target guests, and ceremony type.

The Guests have no input into any decision making for the wedding, but they are a part of the reason for the desire for a memorable event.

The Project Team will work with the Project Manager to help coordinate and deliver all tasks, in the timelines provided here in the Charter. They will be required to review the Charter to understand what they have been assigned to and to provide feedback to make sure the Charter is complete and that all the work they do falls within the Charter. Any and all changes will be submitted to all Team members to ensure the project is kept in focus.

Customer Requirements
The weddings success is directly influenced by the active participation from the bride and groom, so that the wedding will be a memorable event that the bride’s parents are happy to pay for. All major deliverable must meet the tight deadlines with minimal to no changes.
Time is not on our side, so it must be decided that once decisions are made about the deliverables, it is essential to adhere to those decisions.

Major Deliverables
Select Venue and give deposit, select a ceremony location and reserve date and time, reserve photographer, select invitations, choose bridal gown and shoes, create guest list, mail out invitations, finalize the menu, choose the flowers, reserve a limo, book hair and makeup, tuxedo measurements and reservations, finalize guest numbers after RSVP’s have come in, take out marriage license.
Milestones Table
November 13th 2015 – December 13th 2015: Set wedding date of February 13th 2016, send out “Save The Date” reminders, select venue, review menu choices and give deposit, reserve photographer, complete the guest list and order invitations, narrow down selection of dresses, sample wedding cakes

December 13th 2015 – January 13th 2016 – mail out invitations, finalize menu choices with venue, choose the flowers, order wedding gown and shoes, have measurements done for tuxedos and place orders, book hair and makeup, reserve limo, order wedding license, confirm wedding cake flavour(s) and book,

January 13th 2016 – January 27th 2016 – receive all RSVP’s, finalize and confirm guest numbers at the venue and pay balance, order table gifts and wedding party gifts

January 27th 2016 – February 13th 2016 – pickup wedding license, do a trial run of hair and makeup, confirm all reservations

Proposed Resource List
Event Venue – Graydon Hall,...

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