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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

Organizations are always looking to become more successful and use resources more efficiently to meet the organizational goals. Information technology has helped develop many different industries by providing them with increased and new capabilities; the health care industry is the same. Health care has made vast improvements in the use of technology in the clinics to provide better more efficient patient care. The improvements have been seen both on the clinical medical systems and the administration of health care delivery. Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center has seen many changes of the past 20 years and has ...view middle of the document...

This environment left itself open to the risk for errors in duplication of labs and wrong medications and miss documentation in patient records. This did not lend itself to being efficient in the organization but it was a sign of the times.
Like in other markets technology was making organizations more efficient and in turn more productive, this was about to happen for the WHASC. In the early 1990’s the Department of Defense bid a contract to create a Composite Health Care System and the bid was won by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). SAIC created CHCS which was designed to create modules that would allow each clinic to enter data into a single system that could now be shared easier throughout the facility. This was the gateway to EHR and more efficient collaboration throughout the WHASC. This greatly reduced the need for paper documentation and brought the facility closer and more intimately. This created a unified team as opposed to individual clinics.
With information technology beginning to become increasingly integrated throughout the facility there was now a need for another application to bring the CHCS interface into a user and more user friendly interface. CHCS was a command line menu driven system that was not an easy to navigate and required a lot of user training for the providers, medical and administrative staff members. This was when the creation of Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) occurred. This application now allowed the providers to enter notes, order labs and document procedures in accordance with coding regulations. The WHASC was gaining necessary momentum with the use of information technology and helping to meet organizational goals along with minimizing the risk of errors.
Today’s Information Technology Impact
Present day WHASC has evolved into a very high tech clinic that is leaning on the foundation that created years ago. CHSC and AHLTA are still utilized in the DoD health care system and is the...

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