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Week 2 Science Project Essay

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Week 2 Science Project
By Alex Guzev mod 6

Its called an Snalligator.

Dominant traits: Green skin dominant to Grey skin,
Green eyes dominant to brown eyes.

Recessive traits: Green skin, Brown eyes.

G- green skin
gg- gray skin
E- green eyes
ee- brown eyes

My animal weighs about 400 pounds it will have grey skin brown eyes.
It will have an alligators head, and a long anacondas body. And it will also have
Alligators legs like an alligator does. It would live in war or cold climate. It will
Also live on the ground or in water. It will eat animals only or fish.

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People can enjoy almost everything without being negatively affected as long as they have balance. Alcohol is one of those elements that terribly require such balance. It is not a secret anymore that extreme use of alcohol brings about seriously adverse effects on people such as lack of concentration and tendency to using drugs.

The first, maybe the most adverse, effect of alcoholism on people is that it causes lack of concentration. The brain is regarded as the organ that is responsible for whatever a person does, and concentration is only one of the things the brain controls. It has been scientifically proved for many times that alcohol poses great damage on the brain cells, which cannot renew themselves. It can, eventually, be seen why people who consume too much alcohol suffer from lack of concentration.

The second effect of alcoholism on people is that those who are addicted to drinking alcohol tend to use drugs in the middle or long term. As stated above, alcohol leads the person to display behavior out of his control, and consequently he may act beyond the boundaries of rationality. Imagine a person who has drunk to excess: Is that person more or less likely to accept any Ecstasy tablet than a sober person? The answer appears clear. In brief, the link between alcoholism and drug use is beyond obvious.

To sum up, lack of concentration and tendency to drug use are only two of the adverse effects of alcohol us on people. People, unfortunately, keep ignoring the warnings made by officials. It seems inevitable that more and more people will suffer from the consequences of alcoholism unless they choose not to.

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