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Week 3 Mba 590 Essay

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Implementation Plan for Friar Tucker Galleria Project
University of Phoenix
Novemeber 23, 2009
Implementation Plan for Friar Tucker Galleria
Friar Tucker International is a growing company that caters to hospitality services. The overall business revolves around cuisines and entertainment. Throughout the years, the company has managed several restaurants, sports bars, hotel chain agreement and other family establishments. Friar Tucker International has received multiple opportunities through an increase of projects in which they have to decide on a strategy to determine which projects they will keep. Ricardo ...view middle of the document...

The importance of this project is that it will develop multiple streams of revenue because of the diverse project scope. Most strategies have their risk and are not perfect. In respect of Fria Tucker being in the industry of hospitality without competition makes the risks of building the Galleria project with Atoll Solution a little easier and less complication. Atoll Solutions presented Friar Tucker International with an implementation plan to help minimize risks. The strategic plan of the Galleria project is aligned with the vision, values and focus ideas of Friar Tucker International. The Galleria is a big entertainment center that entails several theaters, indoor games, restaurants, shopping malls and retail space. The Galleria is expected to attract different customers from all ages and cultures. In order for the project to be successful, each team member must complete their task in a timely manner. It is important for the project team to identify their shortfalls, risk factors and consequences associated with the project.
There was not much emphasis on the priorities of the project. However, the company was persuaded to accept some of the projects that were not directly related to the company’s overall strategic plan. Due to the lack of focus from the company created a lot of confusion in the project selection process. According to the text, scope or mission is the most frequently mentioned barrier to project success. (Gray & Larson, 2005) There will be three phases of the plan that would need to be monitored regularly by upper mangement. The Work Breakdown Structure would be used to help define the element of the project in a hierachial framework and help establish a relationship with the project. (Gray & Larson, 2005 p. 106)
Some things Friar Tucker International needs to consider are the constraints such as deadlines, technical and physical obligations. There should be a close watch on the details of the project. Based on the facts and information provided in the scenerio, it is estimated a little over a year for the project to complete. This would also include the cost estimate. In phase 1, the company have to determine all of the necessary requirements for the projects such as where the project where be located, how many people will be involved with the project and utilizing enough financial resources. In this phase, it will take about a month to gather all the information, analyze the performance and present to the company. A few assignments could be included in this phase would be the equipment for the entertainment, remodeling, design and furniture of the project. The final stage will deal with hiring and training the right staff to operate the new project. This will also include renting the available spaces to other vendors.
In phase 2, the upper management need to determine what types of activity would be used in the project. There also needs to be a determination of how large the project will be. If the...

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