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Week 5 Res 351 Essay

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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 3

Determine which level of measurement— nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio—is used in the following examples.

• The Association of Accountants is conducting a survey to determine the ranking of the top 100 accounting firms in the world.
• How many years did it take you to earn your college degree?
• On a questionnaire which asks for gender, males are coded as 1 and females are coded as 2.
• Respondents are asked to rate a list of high-tech companies as excellent, good, fair, or poor in terms of their service delivery.
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• A news reporter asks people on the street their opinion about the president’s new bill.
• Jamie select Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; and San Diego, California as test markets for a new potato chip line base on her experience with these markets.
• A researcher instructs field interviewers to interview customers of different cell phone companies in a nearby shopping mall so that they each interview 10 AT&T, 8 T Mobile, 6 Verizon, and 4 owners of other cell phone providers.
• The Consumer Price Index represents a sampling of 90,000 items from 364 categories, chosen from 20,000 retail stores in 85 geographically distributed areas that are chosen to be as similar as possible.
• A finance professor wants to know how many MBA students would be willing to take a course in international finance this summer. She surveys students in the class she is currently teaching.
Which hypothesis-testing procedure would you use in the following situations?

• The mean time an American family lives in a particular single-family dwelling is 11.8 years. A sample of 100 families in the Sycamore, OK area shows the mean time living in a single family residence is 12.7 years. Can we conclude that the time people live in Sycamore is significantly more than the...

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