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Week 8 Checkpoint: Jetblue & Westjet, A Tale Of Two Is Projects

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Week 8 Checkpoint: JetBlue &and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects
April 11, 2014

Week 8 Checkpoint: JetBlue & WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects
The reservation system at airlines is the heart of the customer interaction and these systems helps guide the customers through the process of shopping for flights and lets the customers see what seats are available on that flight and then if they find what they want they can go ahead and pay for the tickets right then. Customers use the reservation systems to make the reservations, change reservations, or cancel reservations. They also can select specific seats on their flights, check the bags, and utilizing the kiosks located at the airports to print out boarding passes.
The benefits of upgrading the system would by far outweigh any of the risk ...view middle of the document...

Their customers were having major issues with the reservation services which caused their call centers to get flooded with calls. The influx of customers trying to do business and get their problems solved lead to the website crashing several times. The main issue that plagued WestJet was not anticipating the time and volume of prior customer transaction files to be transferred. It was not thought through about the how to access files while they were being transferred which let to having to adjust flights during this time and this increased customer complaint calls and angry customers to voice their disapproval with the company on media sites such as Facebook. The project management team is the ones that should have anticipated these issues, JetBlue on the other hand learned several dos and don’ts from the implementation done by WestJet. JetBlue designed a backup website and did the file transfer on a Friday because the traffic on Saturday is slower. They sold fewer seats per flight to help and hired 500 temporary workers to man the call center in case there was an increase in customer service calls. JetBlue actually implemented the new system with very few issues.
The only way to control the risk would be to setup a project team and list anything and everything that could possibly hinder the project, Had WestJet had a project team and they would have evaluated their risks list they would have been prepared for the time it took and the quantity of information that had to be transferred over. I would develop a time chart of events and continuously cross reference the risk chart with the time chart. A lot of the issues that WestJet faced could have been anticipated with preparation and planning.

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