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Weekly Journal Essay

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School of Business and Economics
Department of Accountancy

Student Trainee’s Daily Journal
Name of Student Trainee: DANDAN, Loranel A. Course: BSMA
Faculty Adviser:
Name of Company/Institution/Organization: Land Bank of the Philippines
Name of Supervisor: Mrs. Viola C. Batobalonos Area Assigned: VBG/RBAC
Period Covered: November 4 & 6, 2013 No. of Hours: 16
Date | What I Did(Activities) | What Did I Learn? | Deficiency/ Concerns |
4-Nov-13 | 1. Recorded the PRFs and DOs received on October 31, 2013 in their respective branch logbooks. 2. Encoded and consolidated the Monthly Procurement Report for September 2013. 3. Prepared a memo regarding supplies in the FMD. | 1. I learned the ...view middle of the document...

3. Recorded the PRFs and DOs received today in their respective branch logbooks. 4. Assisted our supervisor in preparing a memo. 5. I passed the different reports to their respective as signatories in the 2nd floor of the building. 6. Checked if all the previously received PRFs and DOs have been recorded in the logbooks. 7. Encoded and consolidated the Unserviceable fixed assets for disposal of the different branches. 8. I was taught how to use the photocopier. | 1. I learned an easier way of preparing the Monthly Procurement Report which is more convenient for the checking for errors. 2. I learned that some employees still doesn’t know what are to be included and excluded in the Monthly Procurement Report. 3. I learned to modes of procurement in LBP--- shopping and small value procurement. 4. I learned how to use the photocopier. | 1. I wasn’t able to finish encoding and consolidating the Unserviceable assets for disposal since it was given to me 30mins before our off. |
Reflections for the Week:In my first week of OJT, I expected that it wouldn’t be tiring since there are two of us who are assigned at the same department and the same schedule; but that wasn’t the case. Our supervisor, Ms. Violy is, I think, the busiest person in the office. She has a lot of things to prepare and to attend to. She never runs out of work, that’s why we also don’t run out of things to do. Most of our tasks are recording and encoding, it may be simple but it can be tiring because of its amount. I think this will be a challenging semester for me because of my class schedule and the demanding OJT but I will never give up. I can do this! |

Time Budget
Week No. | Date Covered | No. of Hours | | Remarks |
| | Actual | Budget | Variance | |
1 | | | | | |
2 | | | | | |
3 | | | | | |
4 | | | | | |
5 | | | | | |
6 | | | | | |
7 | | | | | |
8 | | | | | |
9 | | | | | |
10 | | | | | |
| Total | | | | |

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